Jewish Leadership Initiative
for Young Russian-Speaking Israelis

Who we are

We are an empowering and supportive community of over 7000 young Russian-speaking soldiers, students and young professionals - most of whom moved to Israel without family.  Our weekend retreats, excursions, professional mentoring and study evenings, cultural activities, volunteer, and holiday events are helping young Israeli immigrants thrive personally and professionally  in their new home, in an atmosphere of community, pluralism, Jewish literacy and Jewish Peoplehood.

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Activity Updates

Conversational Hebrew Ulpan

May-June 2019 - Haifa

We recently began our Conversational Hebrew Ulpan courses for young olim in Haifa on Thursdays . Olga teaches two groups, one after another, introducing relevant topics which the participants then discuss. They are enjoying improving their Hebrew and learning to speak about practical and important topics.

Lidia S.

Tel Aviv Educational Tours

May 3 & June 27, 2019 - Tel Aviv

On May 3rd participants of Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli vsited the legendary Palmach Museum in North Tel Aviv and learned about the interesting sites, buildings and sculptures of Tel Aviv University and the surrounding area. We enjoyed an interactive tour with full immersion in the history of Palmach, and saw through the eyes of young soldiers the first years of the struggle for the historical homeland of the Jews. Afterwards, guide Gali Benin showed us the unique architecture of the synagogue in Tel Aviv University, the most "green" building in Israel, the nature museum, built in the form of Noah's ark and so on. Later we toured the sculpture park and the new department of ecology building, constructed from only from ecological materials - a real example of the houses of the future.

Florentin is one of the most famous areas of Tel Aviv in the modern world. The area of bars and shops for pet lovers, artists quarters and street graffiti. On June 27, legendary guide and part-time resident of Florentin Zeev Volk showed us hundreds of street wall paintings and learned about their messages and the artists. He showed us hidden and iconic works of street art, and shared the history of the "underground" community of the city area in general, its current development and future directions. For all the participants these 3 hours flew by very quickly.

Leonid G.

Jewish Brain Ring and Board Games

May 30 & June 26, 2019 - Haifa and Tel Aviv

Alexey led another excellent evening of Jewish Brain Ring in Haifa, with questions about Jerusalem Day, Jewish history, and general trivia. Winning teams won prizes and everyone met new friends and had a great time.

In Tel Aviv, Games master Pavel Pivovarov ran our t raditional games event for everyone who loves this fun, intellectual past time and awesome opportunity to find new friends.

After learning the rules of the games, the participants divided into teams of 3 to 6 people and played different games for 3 hours!

Lidia S. and Leonid G.

All Activity Updates


Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli developed active branches with Area Coordinators in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva and Haifa, in addition to our national programs.

  1. Friday- Shabbat Retreats - 8 per academic year.In December 2010, we gathered our first 35 participants for a pilot Friday-Shabbat seminar in December 2010. Since then our seminars have long waiting lists, as we try to keep these weekend events family-like and intimate. Fifty-five participants spend Friday touring and hiking with a professional Russian-speaking guide, in sites of historical and contemporary relevance. Shabbat activities include coaching and group dynamics, discussions on contemporary Jewish topics, traditional Shabbat meals, participant led workshops, and lectures by the Scholar in Residence.
  2. Excursions and hikes – 2-4 per month. Walking tours, bus excursions and hikes to historical landmarks, nature preserves and agricultural and technological initiatives throughout the country, with Russian-speaking guides.
  3. Argaman Israeli Cultural Project - 2 per month. Participation in concerts, museum tours, performances etc. to help expose new olim to Israeli dance, theatre, architecture, film, music and fine arts, and the trends that helped build Israeli society, accompanied by artist and cultural experts.
  4. Professional mentoring and Business Hebrew - 4 evenings per month. Business Hebrew and Hebrew Through Literature courses help make olim competitive in the Israeli workforce. Professional mentoring with olim lawyers and professionals in a variety of fields provide guidance and networking for new olim.
  5. Enrichment, Study and Holiday events – 2-3 per month. Meetings with famous personalities (Face to Face with Jewish History) and study of Jewish sources on contemporary themes create inspiring forums for personal and professional growth. Large holiday events bring together 200- 300 olim from around Israel to celebrate Tu B'Shvat, Chanuka, Purim, Yom HaAtzmaut etc with their new Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli "family."
  6. Volunteerism –Work with WII veterans, lone soldiers, children at risk, and holiday celebrations incorporating volunteer activity strengthen their sense of giving back to Israeli society.
  7. Facebook group – Members share regularly with one another on Facebook, introducing new friends to the project, sharing info and ideas, helping one another find apartments, jobs etc., and posting photos from our events.
  8. Interaction with Russian-speaking peers from Diaspora – Joint events with Russian-speaking Taglit and Masa groups and visiting delegations of young leaders from other countries foster important dialogue with the Jewish Diaspora and a strong sense of global Jewish Peoplehood.
  9. Home Hospitality on Shabbat and chagim - we help arrange home hospitality for members who are interested, and provide information on community tefillot and holiday activities throughout Israel.

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