Jewish Leadership Initiative
for Young Russian-Speaking Israelis

Activity Updates

Argaman Cultural Project

July 2019, Tel Aviv

July 10th, 2019

At our first meeting with David Wainstein he explained to the group the basics of reading and understanding classical Jewish texts: how the Torah is structured, how the Talmud is structured, on what basis they were composed and how to read and understand them today. We studied some modern texts that reference classical Jewish literature and then analyzed a page from the Talmud, which was really interesting, exciting and completely new for several participants.

"I just realized today that the hyperlinks were invented by the Jews"

Andrey G.

"It is a pity that our generation (in many ways) has lost this heritage"

Yana K.

July 15th, 2019

During this Beit Midrash workshop, David gave us the last paragraph from Tractate Gittin, where different philosophical schools of Judaism argue about the reason for divorce, but each also share their vision of the purpose of the family.

We divided into pairs and then into groups to discuss the text, and at the end David explained the texts through the eyes of Talmudic scholars, with references to quotes from the Tanakh.

For 2 hours, no one even went to the bathroom – they were all a bit afraid to miss something interesting!

"Amazing way to understand the meaning of text! I'm very impressed by David himself and these 2 lectures"

Andrey G.

"For me this Beit Midrash was an important step in growing my Jewish identity"

Masha K.

Berries, Cherries and Wine

June 14, 2019 - Psagot and Gush Etzion

Two packed buses of Shishi Shabbat participants and Lone Soldiers from Nefesh b’Nefesh made their way to the Petal B’Har (Berries on the Mountain) farms run by agriculturalist Moshe Entman. Participants heard about the history of the farm and the challenges of working in agriculture in Israel, and then enjoyed picking eight different kinds of berries, from bushes and trees and fabulous varieties of cherries,including many baskets to take home. Our guides then took the group to Psagot Winery, where they toured the vineyards, saw a movie, tasted wines in a modern and beautiful facility, and learned about wine-making and Israel’s award-winning, internationally acclaimed wine offerings which get better by the year. A short delicious video!!

Leaving Egypt Pesach Workshop

April 21, 2019 Beersheva

I love Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli’s variety of creative activities. Eugene was very interesting to listen to and it was fascinating to learn about Jewish history and the culture of Israel in a completely different format.  I enjoyed learning about Pesach customs and Hebrew literature and shared some of his insights at a Seder with friends! Thank you for this opportunity.

Nastya S.

Argaman Dance Series

February 19, 2019 - Tel Aviv

The "One, One & One" performance by Vertigo Dance Company in Suzanne Dallal was the final meeting for the Argaman Winter Dance Series. We started it with an introduction to the dance company by our guide Masha Malakh and a review of all we've learned and experienced over the past three months.

This new original dance piece by choreographer Noa Wertheim revolves around the individual’s inner wish to be whole, while being challenged constantly by a fragmented reality of one’s personal, existential and spiritual realms. ‏"One, One & One" reflects both the internal and external worlds, reflecting the metaphoric relationship between far and near and self and the other.

After the performance we met Noa Wertheim, the choreographer, who told us about her philosophy and answered many questions about the piece and and the life of her dance collective.

"This dance performance spoke to me personally from the first steps. Thanks so much for this opportunity and for the meeting with Noa, an amazing woman with very interesting perspectives and powerful energy."

Katya P.

Argaman Cultural Project - January 2019

January 14th, 2019 - Tel-Aviv

We began our evening with a really exciting lecture about Traditional Jewish dance with  Nadezhda Drapkin,  starting from biblical times and its first documented appearances through dances in different communities and regions,  in popular movies, the meaning of classical Jewish dance steps,  etc.  

After that we learned some simple moves and  together we danced 4 Jewish dances  - some of them familiar to a few participants who attended Jewish camps or different workshops.

Liya G.

This meeting was even more exciting that I assumed and had amazing vibe and atmosphere! I should never again doubt the stated topics in the Argaman Project!

Eva F.

January 20th,  Tel-Aviv

After an intro discussion by Masha Malakh about  Ohad Nagrin and Martha Graham (who also trained Bat Sheva), we watched the movie "Mr. Gaga. This was the fascinating story of Ohad Naharin, renowned choreographer and artistic director of the Batsheva Dance Company and an artistic genius who redefined the language of modern dance.

We continued with a discussion of the meaning of modern art, courage of expression and openness to the world.  Everyone loved this movie, especially because it is not available on the internet.

Liya G.

It’s interesting how this extraordinary Israeli dancer started to dance only at the age of 22. It makes you understand that age is not a restriction to greatness!

Alexey G.

Haifa Chanuka Celebration

December 5th, 2018

About 60 young olim celebrated the fourth night Chanuka together with Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli. Haifa! Igal spoke about the story and ideas of Chanuka,and we lit the Chanukia. Then teams of new and old friends competed in an excellent intellectual Kosher Quiz about Chanuka, with prizes for the winning teams.

We ate doughnuts, had hot drinks, took photographs and everyone had a warm evening on a cold night.

Lidia S.

Friday-Shabbat Retreat #59

October 19-20, 2018 - Akko

I was really happy to participate in my first seminar with "Shish Shabbat Yisraeli" after participating on a hike with them when I was a lone soldier. The seminar began with excellent tours of Ceasaria and Zichron Yaakov with our professional and interesting tour guide Vlad Telman. When we arrived to the Nes Amim guest house we welcomed Shabbat with guitar and singing, something I really missed from years ago. The program of the seminar was full of interesting lectures, Shabbat customs, and workshops also run by participants. The theme was the extraordinary figure of Abraham and our own aliya stories, everyone for different reasons and from a different place. The seminar had the warmest family atmosphere, and we even celebrated a newly married Shishi Shabbat couple Max and Leah who had their first “Sheva Brachot” with the whole group after dinner on Friday night!

Vladislav M

Argaman Cultural Project

May 2018 - Tel Aviv

In May 2018, the Argaman Israeli Cultural Project held the two final meetings of the Visual Arts Course:

May 4th, Cuckoo's Nest Gallery, Tel-Aviv-Yaffo and "The CITY" Art Exhibition + art-class with Kseniya Revzin.

We met with Alexandra Levina (our guide into Israeli Art) in the main Hall of the Cuckoo's Nest Gallery, that was specially opened for us on Friday Morning. Alexandra introduced to the group Ella Cohen, the curator, who gave a short greeting speech to the group, and continued with a 30-min tour around the Exhibition talking about the most interesting of 48 participating artists.

After that we met with Kseniya Revzin, one of the exhibited artists, who took the group to prepared tables on the open veranda.  Everyone received several sheets of paper, a piece of a charcoal for drawing and under her strict guidance created several small sketches, inspired by the surrounding Tel Aviv landscape and various objects.

Liya Geldman

"I really enjoyed the exhibition, it gave a fresh point of view on many familiar subjects. Ella is amazing! The art-class was a bit hard for me, as I've never tried drawing before, but closer to the end I started to understand how the materials react and made a pretty nice sketch"

Olya K.

"Kseniya showed us a very cool technique that is easy to repeat. I think I will continue to draw Israeli and familiar landscapes at home"

Masha M.

May 23rd, Marina, Tel-Aviv - Guided tour of Leonardo Art Hotel

The collection of Dubi Shiff that is located in the halls of Leonardo Art (ex Marina) Hotel in Tel-Aviv shows a great variety of Israeli realism, both in drawing techniques and in content. We met in the Lobby and then started the tour from the top floor down.

At the very beginning of a tour our guide Alexandra Levina asked us to find two photos among all the presented paintings – a very difficult task which added intrigue to the tour.

Alexandra told us stories about many of the paintings, the artists’ lives, the prestigious Israeli and international prizes that they won, and the auctions in which they participated.

After the tour, we stayed in one of the conference halls to have tea with sweets and fruits and share thoughts and emotions about the whole 6-meeting Argaman Course on Israeli Visual Arts.

Liya Geldman

"After this tour I have a strong desire to return because we only had time to see about a third of this increadible collection!  I think next time I will take here my friends too to show them and give them a summary of Alexandra's lecture"

Alexey G.

"I want to thank Alexandra and all the organizers of  this wonderful course.  I think that we need 2-3 more meetings with Alexandra to visit the most interesting and influential galleries around"

Ekaterina B.

Argaman Israeli Cultural Project - March 2018

March 11th, Hour Space on Lilienblum, Tel-Aviv
Introductory lecture about Israeli Art with Alexandra Levina

The first meeting of the Argaman Spring session was very exciting and informative. Alexandra Levina, our new guide in the world of Israeli art gave a great analytical presentation, covering such questions as:

- Israeli Art - what is it about?

- what is the difference between Jewish and Israeli art

- where did it come from?

- what is the basis of the Bezalel Art School (Old and New)

- who are the artists of Eretz Israel

and many more.

Alexandra spoke about the most influential and well-known artists of different periods, shared their works and explained why did they become iconic for development of Israeli Art.

The participants were very engaged and many of them saved the presentation to review on their own.

This was a very successful beginning to our new "Art-Spring" semester and the new group for the whole course.

March 19th, Jerusalem
Meeting Alexander Okun' in his studio

The second meeting of the "Art-Spring" course took part in Jerusalem, in the studio of Alexander Okun, one of the most influential and famous israeli artists and a professor in Bezalel Art School for more than 20 years.

Alexander talked about the origins of Israeli Art, basing on numerous stories of his colleagues and friends, and his own memories and life-experiences.

This deepened and developed many of the topics we discussed in the previous lecture with Alexandra Levina.

Alexander showed himself not only as a very interesting and serious artist but also as a man with great charisma and a sense of humor. Our group literally fell in love with him.

After discussing his art and the life of the Israeli artist, we stayed at Alexander’s studio until 11pm making many of us late for the buses back to Tel-Aviv and other cities, but no one regretted this trip. The participants were super-appreciative for the opportunity to connect with such an outstanding artist and see the pieces he is currently working on.

Real Life on the Roof

February 8

This was an amazing evening led by Michael.  We broke up into groups to discuss pressing life issues in Hebrew, ate hot dogs, drank beer, and met many new friends.  Over 50 people attended and they asked for more such evenings, which bring people together and help improve our Hebrew through meaningful conversations!


Friday Shabbat Seminar 53

January 19-20

Not so long ago I started participating in events organized by Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli, and after the persistent recommendation of my friends, I decided to experience what a two-day "Shishi-shabbat" seminar would be like.   After battling rain and wind our bus reached Haifa and was met by a friendly sun! We admired the beauty of the Bahai Gardens from above and listened to the history of Haifa from our guide Dima, from the famous Biblical story of the prophet Eliyahu on Mt Carmel through modern day.  We headed to the Beit Shearim National Park, also called the city of the dead, because nestled among the beautiful hills and nature are caves full of centuries-old tombs with sarcophagi, dating back to the time of the Sanhedrin and Yehuda HaNasi. Touching the stone crypts engraved with fantastic beasts and imbued with the spirit of antiquity, I also enjoyed the fresh air and contemplating the first flowers in bloom adorning green meadows after the rains.

Our activities in the youth hostel in Haifa over the next one and a half days brought me back to my days of student camps in Ukraine. This long-forgotten feeling of being in a separate world without evil and without problems, where you can devote time to developing yourself and now also meeting incredible people.

I was impressed with all the lectures, particularly about the topic of time in our lives, (huge respect to the man who conducted it) and meeting with Prisoner of Zion Abba Taratuta.

It is impossible not to note the very warm attitude of the organizers and staff, as well as the atmosphere of comraderie which made even newcomers like myself feel so welcome. Everyone was happy, calm and cheerful and I found it very useful for me to learn the opinions of different people on issues of concern to me.

I left the seminar with new motivation to start working, to study, and to create.

The proximity of the raging sea, eye-pleasing view of the mountains and clear weather, in turn, also contributed to an excellent rest.

RESTART - that's how I would summarize my  week-end in Haifa with Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli - a reboot to the next stage of life, which will undoubtedly be more beautiful, productive and happier than the previous one. And it does not matter that it started not on January 1, but on January 22!

Irina U

Film "Operation Wedding"

November 16, 2017 - Jerusalem

A packed hall of Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli participants and older viewers from the "refusenik" generation watched the documentary film "Operation Wedding" about the attempt to hijack a plane from Leningrad to freedom in 1970,  which resulted in the arrest and sentencing of 16 refuseniks on account of "high treason" , including Sylva Zalmanson and Edward Kuznetsov, the parents of the film's director. The movie was riveting, and included Sylva's return to the solitary confinement cell where she was held. The historian Dr. Michael Beizer followed up with a lecture on the refusenik movement, the organized Soviet Jewry movements in the West who brought pressure on the Soviet government, and the historical ramifications of the hijacking attempt.

ArtZehut Volunteer Project

Haifa - September 24, 2017

This month we continued with our ArtZehut project in Haifa, whereby new olim artists teach artistic techniques and Jewish identity to our young members together with mentally disabled adults in the community. Our teacher this time, and new olah from the Masa program, provided new techniques and interesting drawing methods, and we made really beautiful cards for Sukkot! It was nice to see all the young people helping the adults. The atmosphere was wonderful!

Lidia S.

Argaman Cultural Project

July 2017, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

July 4th, 2017 - Jerusalem International Lights Festival and Tour with Victor Shamis

We began our walk at the foot of the Montefiore Windmill around 6pm – to have some time with natural light to see the neighborhood before entering the Old City. Our guide Victor told us about the history of the Windmill and Yemin Moshe. From there we went down to Sultan’s Pool and the Hinnom Valley, and to Jaffa Gate where we learned about both Temples, why the stones in the walls are different, and then climbed to the roof for a beautiful view of the OId and New Cities and discussed their significance from the point of view of three religions, within the framework of the history of modern Israel. We returned to the Jaffa gate and divided into small groups to explore the different lit up paths of the Lights Festival, this year celebrating 50 years of a reunited Jerusalem!

Thanks for the amazing our around the Old City – it was both informative and atmospheric

Pavel K.

July 19th, Tel-Aviv Lecture on Habima Theatre

We met with Elena Tartakovsky, the well-known historian and the author of the book "Habima: from Moscow-based Studio to the National Theatre of Israel" in a small studio in Jaffa.

Elena told us the incredible story of the beginnings of the Habima theatre studio in Moscow, about the famous actors in the troupe and its international fame, its tour to New York, and continuation in Israel.

I was surprised by the fact that the Habima Theatre that I know started with Stanislavsky and his students many years ago in Moscow. During the lecture I tried to feel and imagine all the heroes of the story and to understand their difficult decisions

Masha D.

This story affected me so strongly that I bought a book in Hebrew about the Habima and started reading it right after the lecture, that night. Hopefully we will go to the Habima Theatre with the Argaman Project next year


Team Building Games Evening

June 21, 2017, Tel Aviv

Our games master Pavel brought 24 different board games and divided the participants into teams. People switched teams and games every hour to get to know one another and learn new games. Everyone loved this evening of intellectual fun, friendly competition and relaxation.

Leonid G.

Friday Hike, Mt Carmel

Haifa June 23, 2017

Our intrepid guide Sasha took us on cave hunting in the Carmel Mountains, sharing stories from Tanach about Elisha and Elijah the Prophet up to the Battle of Megiddo. We drank tea, ate watermelon and cookies, fought with swords, got to know one another, and stayed cool while seeing the most picturesque views. In appreciation for his guiding for over a year now, the participants bought Sasha a beautiful book on hikes in Israel!

Lidia S.

Buying a First Apartment in Israel

June 15, 2017, Tel Aviv

Buying an apartment is one of the biggest challenges facing new immigrants in Israel, also because of the language and legal issues.

A real estate lawyer presented the most important guidelines when looking to buy an apartment to a large group of our participants in Maze 9, in collaboration with the Tel Aviv municipality.

He explained the responsibilities of the lawyer versus the real estate agent, gave very practical advice, and answered many questions throughout the evening.

Leonid G.

Eretz Yisrael Museum

June 2,2017, Tel Aviv

This was a great opportunity to visit one of the biggest museums in Israel – Musa, the Land of Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. Our guide told us about the history of this museum and took us through some interesting exhibitions – archeological finds from the Tel Aviv area, the development of paper, glass, and sculpting in Israel, the history of the Israeli Mail system, the history of interior design and even of tatoos in Israel! Thank you for arranging this tour!

Daniel K.

Psychology for Couples

July 6, 2017 Haifa

This is the second time that I participated in psychology classes with Leah, who is very professional and brings a lot of life experience and wisdom to her discussions! She share perspectives on good relationships, also some from a Jewish perspective and gave us excellent psychological games to help us communicate and understand each other better.

Thank you to Lidia and Natasha and to Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli.

Pavel S.

Volunteer Drawing Class with disabled adults

June 25, Haifa

We have partnered up with a facility for mentally disabled adults in Haifa.  Our volunteers joined together with them for a very enjoyable evening of painting  nature of Israel, led by our art teacher Natasha.  The mentally disable clients and our participants had an excellent time communicating and helping one another,  and we hope to continue this important project in the future.

Lidia S.

Argaman Cultural Project - Fresh Paint Art Fair

March 31, 2107 - Tel Aviv

On March 31st we joined the Fresh Paint Art Fair – one of the most important annual events of the Israeli art scene.

The Guide: Alexandra Levina (whom we met before at the Ilana Goor Museum)

Our guide, Alexandra Levina, took our group of 25 on a two hour tour of 10 halls and galleries with stories about the creative path of numerous Isreali artists and photographers. During the Tour we met and talked with a young Ethiopian artist who won a national prize this year and sold several paintings to Israel Museum in Jerusalem. She spoke about her about her art and answered our many questions.

We also had a text-based discussion on a scene from “The Dibbuk: (translated into Russian), after seeing the black dress from the play created by an artist at the Fair. Our guide Sasha Levina, discussed with the participants the meaning and importance of this play in Jewish culture and the artist’s intent.

"Thank you for this meeting. Sasha is a great guide – she brought the arts so much closer to me"


"The connection with the well-known play Dibbuk was very interesting. It helped me understand the meaning of photographs that I had seen before"


Argaman Cultural Project -Ilana Goor Museum

March 6, 2017 - Jaffa

Around 40 participants of the Argaman Project toured the Ilana Goor Museum in Old Jaffa and then met with the artist Vered Aronovich. Many participants said they had passed by this building many times but never imagined what was inside. 

Our guide Alexandra took us through all the main rooms & spaces of the museum, told us about Ilana Goor and her family story, her strong Jewish roots and connection to Jewish communities all over the world. We came into the kitchen with dozens of huge bronze pots and utensils, and ceiling made of bottles, drank tea, coffee and ate cookies and felt at home. 

On the rooftop we met Vered Aronovich next to her huge sculpture called "The Fountain".  Vered is a graduate of Bezalel,  a young and successful israeli artist who has exhibited around the world and is co-founder of the Khanina artists's gallery in Tel-Aviv -a vivid example of postmodernism.  She spoke about her inspiration for creating art, and answered many questions.

Liya G.

Huge thanks to Alexandra for a fascinating tour and for translating Vered, which opened up a whole world to me. Good guides make all the difference.

Daniel G

I visited this Museum before but never saw half of what I've seen now. The story of Ilana Goor's family and their strong Jewish identity really moved me.


Argaman Cultural Project - Tel Aviv Architecture with Yoav Messer, November 17, 2016 - Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Architecture with Yoav Messer, November 17, 2016 - Tel Aviv

Before we met famous architect Yoav Messer at the Tel Aviv Opera House,  his friend and famous cultural expert Uri Artman, the head of the Opera, told us about the place, the building and took our group to a tour around the Opera, including visiting of the stage and surrounding areas, rooms for rehearsals etc.

Than we all came to a hall with a screen where Yoav Messer showed & described all of his best projects (like Peres Centre for Peace and The Norman Hotel) – from idea to final realization. He connected architecture with the Arts and his love for Tel-Aviv, explained why the city's "face" changes with new technologies, fashion etc. and how the image of the city has evolved.

As everyone agreed during our long discussion after the lecture, it was a very interesting and informative meeting.

It was interesting to get acquainted with the modern Israeli architecture and, especially, the process of its creation. I'm a designer, so I'm always interested in what people are inspired for their projects.

It was fascinating to hear about Yoav’s views and projects from the inside. It opened a whole new world for me about modern israeli architecture.

Liya G.

Friday-Shabbat Retreat

September 23-24, 2016 - Mitzpeh Ramon

This was not my first seminar with Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli but my favorite so far.  During the feedback after  Havdala, I realized I was not alone. Dr. Reuven Kipperwasser was one of the best lecturers I have ever heard.  We learned with him stories from the Talmud about treating the other and improving ourselves, in the spirit of this time before Rosh Hashana. 

Our Friday hike and visit to the Salad Trail was also great. Now I know that some of the hottest peppers in the world are grown in the Negev! (and what to eat to cool your mouth from a hot pepper – water doesn’t help.) And I really enjoyed our friends’ sessions, about sports injuries and nutrition,  about Shabbat, about the history of Hassidism. This was all in one Shabbat with some of my favorite people.

Thank you to the organizers!

Anna V.

Leonid and Olga - Mazal Tov!

We joyfully celebrated another marriage in July – this time, of two members who met on a Shishi Shabbat tiyul last Spring. 

Leonid, originally from Odessa, is a computer programmer, and Olga, recently from Moscow, is a doctor in Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot.

We wish them many years of happiness and good news to share with all of us!

Tribute to Soviet Jewry Movement -

March 30, 2016, Jabotinsky Institute, Tel Aviv

I have heard a little about the difficult lives and heroism of Jewish Refuseniks, but tonight opened up a whole world which I realize now that I should know more about. The Australians were the first to make the struggle of the refuseniks a public issue, and even encouraged Israel to act more strongly. We met the Australian journalist Sam Lipski (who also helps Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli!) who read from his book and talked about the activism of Jews in Australia, which I never knew about. And then we heard from an Israeli official, Yossi Ahimeir, who was personally involved in Israeli government efforts to help Soviet Jews at that time. Afterwards, one of the first Jewish women to ask to emigrate, Tina Brodetsky, spoke about her difficult life, beginning with World War II, her time in Soviet prison, her love of poetry, her aliya in the end. She was an important historical character to meet! Dr. Beizer, an historian, answered our general questions about Soviet Jews and the end of Communism. I want to thank Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli for organizing this evening and bringing us to the Jabotinsky Museum, which I never would have visited on my own. Mostly I am thankful to the people who spoke, who created the possibility for me and all Jews to leave the FSU and live in Israel in freedom!

Ella B.


January 29-30, 2016 - Kfar Etzion

I had heard from my friends about Shishi Shabbat seminars and this time I finally went!

Everything was great – the beautiful weather and hike on Friday with our guide Dima (anemones and purple lupines everywhere), our visit to Aviezer where Jews from Cochin India settled, and meeting Prof Zeev Chanin and Dr. Velvl Chernin there. Over Shabbat, Velvl taught us a lot of new things about Jewish communities around the world – Jewish life in Europe and the USSR, Ethiopian Jews, and the amazing stories of the “lost tribes” of Israel coming home in recent years. He sang songs in Yiddish and was surprising and very knowledgable. Sara Beck from Kfar Etzion told us about her adventures visiting Spanish Jewish communities on the Amazon River which began after the expulsion from Spain in the 15th century. A famous rabbi, Yaakov Madan, spoke to us after Shabbat about the ingathering of Jews and the fulfillment of prophecies from the Tanach.

The atmosphere of this Shabbat was really special and I hope to see these good people again soon. Thank you!

Lev M.

Meeting with Minister Zeev Elkin

December 14, 2015, Jerusalem

In a recent meeting with Minister of Absorption Zeev Elkin and his staff, organized by the Council of Immigrant Organizations of which we are a member, I spoke about the critical need for cultural and social absorption, beyond the “physical” absorption (language, housing and employment assistance), provided by the government to new immigrants.  The sense of being part of a high-quality community, with inspiring programs and an expanding network of friends - that is what makes young olim feel at home, reminding them why they moved to Israel, and why they should build their futures here.

Minister Elkin responded that the government does not invest enough in the cultural and social absorption of new immigrants and that such activity should become more of a priority.

Argaman Israeli Culture Project

November 11 & 25, 2015, Beit Avichai Jerusalem

This month we held our 3rd and 4th meetings of a six-part Argaman series on the topic of Jewish and Israeli literature. Our third meeting was devoted entirely to the figure and the works of Shmuel Yosef Agnon. Prof. Rafi Tsirkin surveyed Agnon's biography –from his childhood in Butchach Galicia through his life in Jerusalem. We read excerpts of his short stories and discussed the many Biblical and Talmudic allusions in his works. We also touched upon the inner conflicts he addresses - traditional Judaism versus the secular values of the Zionist movement of his day, the periods of his life where he drifted away and back from Jewish observance. We listened to a rare radio archive where Agnon is told by the Israel Radio broadcaster that he has won the Nobel Prize (which he humbly denied as he had not been told previously) and we watched a video made by actor Sasha Demidov about Agnon’s spiritual journey and his relationship to Jerusalem. Agnon’s character and works sparked lively discussion among the participants, also after that evening in our Argaman Facebook group.

Our fourth meeting of the series was devoted to Jewish and Israeli poetry and its place in the history of the Jewish people. We read the poetry of Yehuda Amicha and others, particularly related to the motif of Jerusalem – on the one hand it’s holiness, on the other hand as a symbol of the suffering of our nation, We were left with many questions and a desire to learn more. In the second part of the evening we tried our hand at translation – this time from a more contemporary “poet” – Arik Einstein. Participants chose to translate the unique style and language of one of Arik Einstein's songs into Russian – a challenging exercise which caused everyone to express their talent with words and caused a lot of laughter.

Dina M.

Tel Aviv: Israel's first start-up?

October 22, Tel Aviv

Thank you for last night’s intriguing and humorous meeting with Alex Maimon about the city Tel Aviv! There was so much we did not know about the city’s creation and development, the history of its coat of arms, Tel Aviv during wartime, and the buildings which have made Tel Aviv famous. At the end we discussed whether Tel Aviv can be considered Israel’s first successful incubator and start-up. I recently moved to Tel Aviv from Belarus and think it is great that we have a place to be able to meet new friends and learn interesting and relevant things together!

Zhenya K.

Argaman Israeli Cultural Project

August 2015

The IDF in Israeli Culture – August 6, 2015 – Beit Avichai, Jerusalem

Our lecturer Ilya discussed the impact of the the IDF on Israeli culture and the development of Israel – from complete identification and pride to parodies of IDF life in Israeli film, theater and literature. He spoke about the army as a microcosm of Israeli society and screened several classic army film clips. We then watched the fairly new movie “Zero Motivation” – a comedy which parodies the bureaucracy of the IDF but also its role in shaping the communal and personal identity of young Israelis.

Eli S.

Jewish Music and Carlebach Reggae Concert – August 13, 2015, Beit Avichai, Jerusalem

Having known Gershon Leyzerson as part of the musical group “Oy Division” which I'm very fond of, I was absolutely stunned by his solo performance, which proved him as a real one-man band. He involved the participants in his deeply insightful and witty journey into the multifaceted world of Ashkenazi Jewish music.

The Carlebach in Reggae performance by Michael Greilsammer and Co was a success that brought the spirit of Rabbi Carlebach's approach to Judaism and to people in general. The reggae style was emblematic of the “hippie movement” which united people from diverse backgrounds through music. I was able to experience, together with my peers from Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli and some two hundred other audience members, the wonder of bringing hearts together and creating connections through collective musical experience and sharing personal stories.

Miriam B.

Shabbat “Chaverim” – August 14-15, 2015

This was my first immersion in traditional Jewish culture over a full Shabbat and exposure to Jewish sources on very contemporary topics. Beyond the challah baking, “Carlebach”-style Kabbalat Shabbat, and great conversations, we had two excellent lecturers – Rabbi Dror Brama, from the Tzohar organization, spoke to us about the financial implications of the Sabbatical year. He discussed the modern financial culture which allows people to live beyond their true means (futures, loans, etc) , the focus on loans for consumption vs. production, the essence of tzedaka and other fascinating topics. A local linguist (computer programmer) Menachem spoke to us about the development of ancient and modern semitic languages and the evolution of Hebrew and its impact on Aramaic, Yiddish, Ladino and western languages. He gave many examples and spoke to us for 2 hours which was still not enough!

Alex M.

Night Slichot and Kapparot Tour - September 20, 2015, Jerusalem

There is nothing like the energy of Jerusalem at night during the holidays. Two days before Yom Kippur, Alex Maimon took us on an excellent night tour, beginning with “kapparot” in Machane Yehuda (I’m glad people also use tzedaka instead of chickens for this), the magical alleyways of Nachlaot (Rabbi Aryeh Levin and Jewish communities from all over who settled here in the 19th and 20th centuries), the beautiful Italian synagogue on Hillel Street, and finally, the Old City. We arrived at the Kotel along with thousands of other Jews from all parts of Israeli society and heard the Slichot prayers. A powerful and uplifting experience before Yom Kippur!

Alex M.

Pre-Sukkot Film Evening - September 24, 2015, Tel Aviv

We opened our Argaman Film Club in Tel Aviv with the exceptional movie “Ushpizin.” The film's protagonist is Moishe Belang, an ex-convict and his wife Malka who recently became religious and dream of a miracle to extract them from their poverty before the holiday of Sukkot. When two escaped prisoners, friends from Moshe’s past, show up for the holiday, a struggle begins between their old and new life.

After the film we had an intriguing conversation with Alexander Vilensky, a well-known film critic and writer and winner of many awards in the FSU and Israel. He shared background about the history of the film, including that of actor Shuli Rand and the Breslav community, and the place of “Ushpizin” in Israel’s modern film industry.

Leonid G.

Argaman Israeli Culture Project

July 16 and 23, 2015

Humor in Israeli Film and the screening of “Salach Shabati” – July 15, Beit Avichai Jerusalem

Dina began this meeting of Argaman with a discussion of Jewish humor, beginning with our sources through to modern day, and the 1960’s as a period that shaped Israeli society – internal conflicts between Sephardim and Ashkenazim and central figures like Efraim Kishon and Chaim Topol who brought these experiences to the screen. Then we all saw the film Salach Shabati. I have not laughed so much in a long time! Truly a masterpiece. It was interesting to see Israeli film classics from the 1960’s - the parodies of politicians and the establishment. The immigrant experience, Salach Shabati’s humor and chutzpah. Rafi Kishon, the director Ephraim Kishon’s son, spoke to the audience after this film. That added a lot. He told us about his father’s life and humor, how his father, a Holocaust survivor, and Chaim Topol, a talented Tzabar actor, remained close friends all their lives, and how Chaim Topol received the lead in Fiddler on the Roof because of his amazing performance in Salach Shabati. Thank you for a great evening!

Miriam B.

Parshat Hashavua and «Kallabat Shabbat» with Jackie Levy and friends – July 23, Beit Avichai, Jerusalem

This week’s Shabbat Torah reading also came out just before Tisha B’Av. It was interesting to hear why we read Parshat HaShavua – the custom of reading Torah Mondays, Thursdays and on Shabbat and gaining new insights into current affairs through the same portion of the Torah that we read every year! We then joined the “Kallabat Shabbat” of Beit Avichai with Jackie Levy, which was like Jewish stand-up but about the Tanach, including songs and skits – also about Israeli society today. Some were very funny, others I didn’t get – but I am glad I participated.

Boris R.

Pre-Shavuot Beit Midrash and Cheesecake Master Class

May 19, 2015 - Jerusalem

I have never made a cake in my life, but this Master Class changed all that! In a few minutes, Linda had us measuring, mixing and grating lemons, and the results were delicious. I took my cheesecake home but I'm glad other people didn't - nobody left hungry!! Afterwards we had an interesting discussion with Rabbi Luft about why people study Torah, why is it such a focus of Jewish life, and gave examples about Tzedaka and other topics that we deal with on a daily basis. This was a great evening - fun, tasty and thought-provoking. Thank you!

Daniel L.

Matza-baking workshop

April 2, 2015 - Haifa

Before Passover, I attended a great matzah baking master class organized by Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli. We not only baked and ate our own hand-made matzah, but learned new facts about Passover and made funny pictures of ourselves in apron and cook cap. This master class also reminded me that the most important thing in human life is freedom - both physical and internal. And that we are fortunate to be living here in Israel, where we have both.

Alina L.

Purim Event Haifa

Tuesday, March 4, 2015

I was lucky to attend the Purim party at Beit Galleria Haifa.  The guys from  Russian-speaking Beit Chabad read for us Megillat Esther, with an accompanying Powerpoint presentation  in Russian that helped us understand the Hebrew text.  It was so nice to see all of my friends in costumes, sitting and listening intently to the Megilla, and making noise at the mention of Haman.  The atmosphere during the party afterwards was really great – everyone participated in games and competitions.   I took home with me a lot of ideas for next year’s Purim costume!  I also enjoyed visiting Beit Galleria for the first time.  It is a showcase for young artists, and  I am also an artist and was really happy to find out about this place.  

Alina G.

Friday Shabbat Seminar #30

January 2-3, 2015, Acco

This was my first Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli seminar.  I had no idea what to expect or what people I would meet.  I was happily surprised by the lectures, warm and friendly atmosphere and great people.  The theme was "Contemporary Issues" and every discussion was relevant and important.  On Friday we met a representative of the  "Ahmid" Muslim community in Israel which was fascinating.  They are a small minority but are tolerant and respectful of other faiths.  We had a great hike on Mt. Carmel.  One of the best sessions on Shabbat was with David about demography in Israel - I learned that we are one of the few countries in the world with a rising birth rate, because of "yuppie" Israeli families and olim families who are having more children!  Self actualization! Another amazing discussion with Yehudit was about Conversion issues - that lasted 3 hours, very relevant. This was an excellent experience! I’m grateful to all the people who organized this seminar and hope to take part in future “Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli” seminars.

Konstantin K.


December 5-6, 2014 - Old Jaffa

This seminar was unusual. It took place in Jaffa, not far from home. At first I thought - what in Jaffa could surprise a resident of Gush Dan. It turned out that Israel’s Center is full of interesting places that I never knew about. Our journey began with Ariel Sharon Park, which was built recently on the former site of the country’s largest landfill. Now the huge area is covered with lawns, comfortable benches and trees. It's amazing how technology could transform the mountain of garbage in a beautiful park! After that, we visited מקוה ישראל. the oldest agricultural school in Israel, founded by Charles Netra in1870. We went down to the wine cellars, where the fighters of the Haganah trained, and visited the mechanics shops where the first Israeli weapons were created, including the famous mortar Davidka (by a new immigrant from Siberia!)

The theme of Shabbat was “Leadership.” There was Kabbalat Shabbat, in the cozy hotel in Jaffa, and after Shabbat dinner, a fascinating lecture by former Soviet Zionist Zeev Geizel, who struggled against the Soviet system for the right of Jews to their own language and culture. In addition he is a talented mathematician and active public figure in Israel. Daniel and Lena led Oneg Shabbat, about leaders in the Tanach. Shabbat morning we met Advocate Ariel Bulshtein, Director of Faces of Israel which engages in sophisticated “hasbara” about Israel abroad. He reminded us that only recently has been proactive in the information war, which affected the loyalty of many to the Jewish state. Drop by drop we are now bringing our version to people in other countries. Ariel was a very prepared and impressive lecture. In the afternoon we walked through Jaffa to the Sea, and then had a discussion about “Pirkei Avot” with Lena and Eli, both of whom only recently discovered this Jewish text and were enthusiastic about it. The seminar ended with a concert by Zeev Geizel of Russian folk songs that he translated into Hebrew. Sad songs about cold and war, but also humorous songs. A busy and stimulating seminar!!

Andrei B.

Shavua Oleh - Opening Ceremony

Monday November 17, 2014

About 40 of our members enjoyed the moving opening to "Shavua Oleh" - a week honoring Jerusalem's new immigrant population – and the Thursday night music concert in the center of Jerusalem featuring olim bands. Mayor Nir Barkat spoke about the contribution of new immigrants to Jerusalem's prosperity (including the hi-tech company Mobile Eye, founded by an FSU oleh and selling successfully on the NY Stock Exchange). The opening evening featured well-known Israeli immigrant singers performing favorites from "Fiddler on the Roof", "Bustan Sfaradi" and songs dedicated to olim lone soldiers, including Ariel Horowitz's beautiful "Twenty-Thousand Brothers" written for Sean Carmel z"l from Texas, who fell during Operation Protective Edge.

Visiting Wounded Soldiers

Tel HaShomer and Hadassah Hospitals - Tuesday, July 22

We met outside Tel HaShomer hospital at 19:00 – everyone arriving with their packages of fruit, juice, chocolates, plants, socks, underwear ("the first store was completely out, so we went to another store!"). Inna, our Tel Aviv coordinator, divided the group into 6 departments of the hospital where 40 wounded soldiers were being treated. Our group's first visit was to a lone soldier, Moshe, from New Jersey – we played guitar and sang "Shir L'Maalot" and he wiped away some tears ("You have no idea how many miracles I've seen"). The hospital was full of visitors, youth groups, families. We visited soldiers and then children in the Oncology dept for about two hours – I think we all left with the same feelings – a little heartbroken, very uplifted, and mostly that we are one nation and strongly connected to people we had never met before.

Ayala G.

Today we went to see our soldiers at Hadassa Hospital. To be honest, I did not know if we would be able to visit the soldiers, what condition they would be in – but after consulting with our friends who work in the hospital, we arrived with the soldiers' names and room numbers and it was simpler than I thought. We visited six soldiers – five of them in their 20's and one, a reservist, about 35. We said that we just came to thank them. The soldiers smiled sheepishly, asked who we are, where we live...and their relatives smiled and thanked us. But you know what particularly touched me? When we left the boys treats, they all said, "Don't give us this, G-d forbid! There are soldiers with more serious injuries, on other floors, go visit them. Take this and go to them!"

If you have at least half an hour of free time – go visit our soldiers and tell them "thank you, for protecting our lives at the cost of theirs .." .It is important that they are aware how much we appreciate them and their sacrifice.

Lena M

Seminar 26

Nes Amim, Friday-Shabbat, June 6-7

Firstly, I want to thank the organizers of Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli. It is a wonderful project that gives us so many new insights – and most importantly, connects us to excellent, interesting people our age. I am always excited to participate in seminars – they are the best possible way to spend my free time. Our last seminar in Nes Amim was fun, enlightening, amazing! The hike on Friday afternoon to Monfort Castle in the Galilee was hard but worthwhile. What breathtaking, green scenery we have in Israel! I also liked the icebreakers during the tiyul. Kabbalat Shabbat with Ira and Artyem was great – always interesting when group members teach during the seminars. Our topic on Shabbat was the “World of Texts” and I liked David’s lectures the best. Now I know, for instance, a little bit about how to study a page of Talmud. We live in Israel and we share the same faith; I think we should all know something about our traditions and the uniqueness of the Jewish People. Thanks for everything.

Anna S.

Leaving Egypt Overnight Trek

April 10-11, 2014, near Masada, Judean Desert

We included this overnight hike in our last update, but here is a beautiful photo essay on this experience – «Reenacting the Exodus» - by participant blogger (archeologist) Ira Novoselsky: - If you press TRANSLATE in the upper right hand corner, you can also understand what she wrote!

Theater evening with Na Lagaat, "Not By Bread Alone"

Thurs., January 9th, Jaffa

«After 2 years of hearing about this extraordinary theater company, the moment has finally arrived: The curtain opens to the rhythmic clacking of kneading dough, by a long row of actors wearing white masks...

Removing their masks the actors reveal their faces and their souls, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in their unusual world - of darkness and silence, but also full of different sensations and pleasures which we ordinarily fail to notice. The smell of fresh bread, which is baked during the play on stage, perfectly complements this idea, creating a renewed appreciation for life.

This was a life-affirming performance, and a great social project - enabling expression for people with disabilities and challenging us, the audience, to "not live by bread alone."  Thank you for this opportunity!»

Tanya K

October -December 2013


Seminar 20, Mitzpeh Ramon

03-04.10.13, 55 participants

Our 20th (!) Friday-Shabbat Seminar took us back to the desert to the breathtaking views of Mizpeh Ramon. Our hike was in Ein Yorkeam, an challenging path and large, beautiful spring in the area of the Large Crater in the Central Negev. Our trail was a virtual treasure drove of fossils, to the delight of our participant archeologists. We also briefly visited Ben Gurion's famous gravesite in Ben Gurion Park, with our guide Lyon describing and play-acting (as is his custom) the lives of Paula and David Ben-Gurion and many other subjects along the way. The theme of shabbat was "Renewal" - as it was the first seminar of the year, and coincided with Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan and Parshat Noach (beginning of Breishit and renewal of the world after the Flood). We held our icebreakers and Kabbalat Shabbat overlooking the edge of the Ramon Crater, with a family of majestic ibex for company. Four of the sessions during Shabbat were run by participants, including a session on effective time management, a session on Rational Decision-Making, a session on the Tower of Babel (as overseen by Nimrod, with comparisons to the Communist regime of the FSU) and a new workshop, to be repeated at future seminars, called "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club" where participants openly discuss pressing life issues and get to know one another even better.



Theater evening, "Money, Health, and World Peace", Khan Theater, Jerusalem

8.10.13, 28 participants

Continuing the tradition of past years, we enjoyed an excellent performance of play by Mikro Theater (mostly Hebrew-speaking actors of FSU origin) the play "Money, Health, and World Peace" based on the novel by Etgar Karet, which follows the life of a young Israeli man, given 3 wishes by a talking goldfish...The performance integrates video interviews of Israelis of all ages and backgrounds who share their personal "3 wishes". The director of Mikro spoke with our group before the performance, explaining the choice of subject material and the artistic process of creating the play.


"Shto? Gdye? Kogda?" Jewish Brain Ring Club, Beit Kehillot, Jerusalem

25-50 participants, Every Tuesday

Tuesday October 15 marked the opening session of this year's Jewish Brain Ring Club, an Israeli adaptation of a very popular intellectual competition from the FSU. Teams of participants compete to solve questions related to Jewish and general knowledge provided by facilitator Yan Provorotski, in collaboration with the Schecter Institute.

Tiyul to Nachal Ktalav with Guide David Wainstein

18.10.13, 40 participants, Friday

"What could be a better option for a Friday afternoon than hiking through nature with Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli led by a very interesting guide who I always learn so much from - David Wainstein. This time David chose for us two breathtaking hiking trails in the Judean Mountains – Nahal Ktalav and Nahal Sorek.

Already on our way out of Jerusalem by Highway 60, we learned that it used to be one of the central ancient routes called the Emperor's Road which was actually paved before Hadrian’s visit to the Land of Israel. Getting on the trail we heard the legend about a "strawberry tree" named Ktalav which grows in the Judean Mountains, giving the area its name. We also learned about the first rail line from Jaffa to Jerusalem that passed by these locations and even about the funny clumsy words that Jews invented in Hebrew ("fire machines on the iron lines!") to announce the first arrival of the train to Jerusalem. This Friday blessed us with a good weather which made the hike so pleasant and enjoyable, coupled with great company and always perfect organization by Shishi Shabbat. Thanks for this day!"

Ora Shapiro



Volleyball in the Park with Jerusalem Village

25.10.13, 30 participants, Friday

We ran this sports event in collaboration with Jerusalem Village - a community of young Jerusalem olim from various countries as well as native Jerusalemites. Our participants enjoyed relaxing and playing volleyball on this cool Fall morning with similar-aged peers ages from many countries. Our madrich Mark Rachlin led icebreakers (including questions about their favorite place in Jerusalem and life mottos) and everyone shared a picnic lunch. We hope to do more joint activities with Jerusalem Village in the future.

Launch of Jewish Theater Workshop, Beit Kehillot, Jerusalem

27.10.13, 20 participants, Sunday (every Sunday evening)

Our new Jewish Theater Workshop, facilitated by actor/director/translator/educator Yefim Reninberg is designed to improve the presentation and expressive abilities of our participants, engage them in an ongoing creative process and in the end produce an original play on a Jewish/Israeli theme which the participates will write themselves. While theater is a very familiar medium for FSU olim, these meetings have been eye-opening and exciting for the participants, who have now formed their own acting troupe and are in the process of exploring texts in preparation for writing their own theater production, to be performed in early June.


Limmud ART, Kiryat Moriah, Jerusalem

14-15.11.13, 45 participants, Friday - Shabbat

Over 45 Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli participants volunteered and took part in this two-day festival of Jewish art and learning, featuring workshops, exhibits, performances, tours, and lectures in Russian and Hebrew. This year's festival was a great success; Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli was listed as a Partner in the Festival program book.



Tour of Ariel and New Biblical Park

22.11.13, 40 participants, Friday

This excursion led by Guide Yisrael Gorelik began with a tour of the modern city of Ariel, the campus of Ariel University, the Center for the Performing Arts, and a beautiful lookout point onto the Shomron Valley and the gravesite of Joshua Son of Nun, who led the Jewish People into the land over 3000 years ago. We then visited the new Biblical Park of Ariel - an outdoor interactive museum which depicts scenes from the Bible - including Rebecca's well, Joseph in the pit, the Tabernacle in the desert (with real fire coming "down from heaven" on the altar), Moses looking out on Israel from Mt. Nebo, the "splitting of the Jordan River" upon the Jews' crossing into Israel, and Joshua's altar, whose clear remains were uncovered by archeologist Adam Zartal (a fascinating Biblical archeological discovery worth reading more about).


Festive Chanuka Brain Ring Evening

26.11.13, 40 participants, Tuesday
10.12.13, 50 participants, Tuesday


These Jewish Brain Ring Competitions (see #3) were dedicated to the theme of Chanuka and Jewish history. Teams of participants solved clever problems proposed by facilitator Yan Privorotski, with prizes for the winning teams. The group presented Yan with a beautiful Chanukia, a token of their appreciation for his dedication to the group for the past one and a half years.

Seminar 21 - Ein Gedi

29-30.11.13, 55 participants, Friday-Shabbat

"This Shabbat was truly special for me. It was Shabbat Chanukah with “Shishi-Shabbat Israeli” at the Dead Sea. We started very early Friday morning. This day was full of interesting David’s stories about Wadi Salvador and he brought us hundreds and thousands of years ago in time of excursion. At 2 PM we arrived to Ein Gedi hostel which is located near the shore with an amazing view. After lighting Chanuka and Shabbat candles with everyone, David led a very interesting discussion about the personality of Joseph as world's economic advisor and Jewish leader - on both the material and spiritual planes. Judith led a workshop on overcoming fear and human psychology (connected to the victory of the few over the many in the Chanuka story). Late in the evening, our guest lecturer Vera invited us to visit a “Café Midrash” where we read and discussed different stories and texts.

Our second day started with wonderful view to the Dead Sea from our windows and balconies. The program for this day was full of interesting workshops for everyone - including an military analyis by David of the Maccabees victory in the Chanuka story, a walk along the Dead Sea in the afternoon, Ze'ev "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club" session, and Havdala.

This seminar, as always with “Shishi-Shabbat Israeli,” was full of new,interesting information. The organizers invited inspiring people to participate, chose an amazing place to stay and gave us an opportunity to spend Shabbat Chanukah in warm, family atmosphere."

Natalya Dobjanskaya



Operation Light Up! 2013 - December 1, Fifth Night of Chanuka, Jerusalem

1.12.13, 180 Volunteers, 350 Survivors and Veterans

Over the course of three nights during Chanuka, 180 young volunteers from all over Israel distributed festive gift packages and lit Chanuka candles in the homes of 350 Holocaust Survivors and WWII Veterans. The highlight of the Operation was on Sunday night, when the Director General of the Ministry of Absorption, Oded Forer, lit Chanuka candles and gave his blessing to120 volunteers before they went out to light up the homes of their new elderly companions. Here is a video of this unforgettable evening:


"Face to Face with History - an Evening with David Taubkin, Survivor of the Minsk Ghetto", Ramat Gan

16.12.13, Monday

"This evening was organized (and delayed a few days because of the snow, which kept Jerusalem residents away) to mark the Tenth of Tevet, also known in Israel as the Day of General Kaddish for victims of the Shoah. About 20 participants from the Tel Aviv area gathered to hear David Taubkin, who spoke about Jewish life in Minsk before the War, the Minsk Ghetto and the constant removal and executions of Jews, his escape from the Ghetto and his trials in an orphanage until the end of the War. He also told about the Righteous Gentiles whom he knows personally who saved many Jews in Minsk. He resettled in Moscow with his father, a famous doctor, after the War. He described his repatriation to Israel in 1991, where "he could not imagine a more satisfying life" - he has many social activities here and lectures occasionally, he is a proud grandfather, his son teaches in university, his wife keeps a kosher home, lights candles every Shabbat, and goes to synagogue with him four times a year... The participants asked many questions after his talk, about his attitude towards modern Germany and Germans today, his attitude towards religion, and other questions about his Holocaust experiences. We gave David a special plant as a token of appreciation, and David gave our lending library his book about the Minsk Ghetto."

Tanya Telepinsky, Tel Aviv Coordinator


Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli - the Second Generation!

And here are photos which I recently received from two young couples who met through Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli and are now raising a sweet, new generation of Israelis:

Ayelet, 1year
Mishael, 8 months

Finally, MAZAL TOV to Meyrav Kogut and Alex Gontmacher on their engagement, and Amuta Member Ayelet Martens and Haim Polak on their wedding this month!

May they celebrate many more smachot together with the Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli family!


Walking Tour of Beersheva

July 23, 2019

Thank you very much for this excursion around historical Be'er Sheva! Our guide had a special, soulful understanding of all the places we visited. We visited the museum and Commonwealth War Cemetery of all the soldiers who freed Beersheva from Turkish rule in WWI. We also enjoyed the night life and cafes of Beersheva after the tour. During the excursion I returned to my youth when I walked the streets of the city and had no idea of the city’s historical signifance! Be'er Sheva is a miracle!

Semyon H.

Argaman Cultural Project

May-June 2019 - Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

On May 3rd, we began our tour of the Israel Museum with Professor Ilya Rodov at the Italian synagogue learning through its design, how we can understand the migration of the Jewish community. Professor Rodov spoke about when and why the menorah, the shofar and other symbols of the Middle Ages disappeared. We also discussed the differences between Eastern and European synagogues and participants’ experiences in synagogues.

“I never knew about such a serious transportation project as this entire synagogue! Thanks for finding such interesting, knowledgable people like Ilya for us!”

Masha K.

On May 10th, we enjoyed an Acrylic workshop with artist Ksenia Revzin, in a garden in Old Jaffa to finally apply the knowledge and inspiration of our Art Course. Each member received several canvases, acrylic paints, graphite pencils, and an explanation of techniques to use them, to enable maximum freedom of expression on the canvas.

Every participant created one or two artworks to take home!

"This is not my first workshop with Ksenia, and I was impressed to see the high quality of the final works of the Argaman group and how interesting their pictures were compared to other groups, who hadn’t studied art or regularly visited art galleries as regularly as we do!"

Liya G.

On June 3rd, we had our long-awaited tour of the Fresh Paint Art Fair with amazing guide Zeev Volk. We saw a greenhouse with artworks of 25 young Israeli artists and photographers, a design pavilion, a lot of video art, exhibition projects and installations from artists from different countries, as well as personal exhibitions and special projects of the "Fresh paint" graduates of previous years.

"I think its important to visit modern art exhibitions with a guide. Thanks for giving us the possibility to explore modern Israeli art at Tzeva Tari and understand our culture better"

Natalia P.

Purim Celebration

March 18th, 2019 - Haifa

Over 100 people joined our Purim event in Beit Oleh in Haifa. We read  Megillat Esther, talked about the meaning of Purim for us today, played a Purim quiz, had a costume contest, danced to great music with a DJ,  and had drinks and snacks.  It was a joyful evening with everyone coming together to celebrate the holiday!

Lidia S.

JGalaxy Open Beit Midrash Series

February 2019, Jerusalem

Our first two meetings were on “Healthy Lifestyle and Judaism” and “Mazal – Astrology- and the Jews” and I look forward to attending the next few lectures.

The presenters brought interesting methodical materials including sources from the Rambam and the Talmud, and antique urban maps with designated green areas, and we debated on issues of nutrition, stress, and well-being in the first lecture, “fate” versus action in the second lecture, and in general we were all very engaged. Thank you for this relevant series and excellent lecturers.

Raphael R.

Literary Evening

January 3, 2019 Tel Aviv

Michael Moiseevich facilitated a wonderful literary evening base on Martin Buber’s Chassidic Tales. First we read excerpts from these stories and expressed our impressions and opinions. Then Michael supplemented our knowledge with historical information, readings from similar Jewish literary works, connections between real Jewish life in those times and the symbolism of the main heroes. The participants really enjoyed the warm atmosphere and opportunity to discuss topics close to their hearts.

Leonid G.

Life Guides Off the Trail

December 25, 2018

In this exciting new series, we invite different tour guides and experts to present aspects of Jewish wisdom and their application to our contemporary lives.

About 30 people gathered for this first meeting, where Igor and his team presented the project and its main goals.

Alex Tabak facilitated the first lecture on the theme of “Do not steal?” in a very pleasant charismatic manner, including a slide show of artworks and precious objects that were stolen and restored and the principle of not stealing in our own daily lives.

Igor G.

ArtZehut Drawing and Volunteer Projects

October -November 2018, Tel Aviv and Haifa

On October 7th and November 27, Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli volunteers worked with mentally-challenged adults to create nail and string artworks of their “house in Haifa,” and Chanukia and pillow donut artworks in preparation for Chanukah! On October 29th, Shishi Shabbat Israeli Tel Aviv invited its members to create holiday greeting cards with new Oleh artist Alex Muzlanov. During the first part of the evening, the artist taught different ways of drawing characters and the secrets of color rendering with a pencil and pen and then participants made original drawings for their cards.

Lidia S. and Leonid G.

Friday-Shabbat Retreat #57

July 27-28, 2018 - Akko

I’ve just returned from my third Shishi Shabbat seminar where the Jewish youth from across the post Soviet countries are building a great community, with strong ties to their roots, ancestors and history of the Jewish nation! This seminar was not only educational, thought provoking and inspiring (the main theme was Tu B’av) but also fun. It was amazing exploring ancient Akko and then going to the beach on Friday, singing together in Kabbalat Shabbat and watching the moon eclipse while we got to know everyone on Friday night. I had a really good time participating in Ariel Zlatkin’s workshops on Tu B’Av and lessons on relationships from couples in the Torah. And it was so nice to get together with my old friends and make new ones. Thanks for another enjoyable experience.

Dana R.

Victory Day Event with WWII Veterans

May 13, 2018 - Tel Aviv

May 9th is the day of victory over Nazi Germany. It is celebrated not only in the CIS countries, but now officially in Israel too.

Unfortunately, every day there are fewer and fewer surviving witnesses of those sad events: participants in battles, ghetto prisoners, residents of the besieged Leningrad, workers of the home command.  On May 13, we organized a meeting with the Veterans’ Club of Tel Aviv attended by 30 veterans and our young volunteers from all over the country, and we heard these difficult memories. Some of the veterans could not hold back their tears, so tragic were these events and how deep the wound in their souls. Two sisters among our volunteers also cried, remembering the stories of their grandfather.

Afterwards some of the veterans performed Jerusalem of Gold (it was also Jerusalem Day) and other Hebrew songs, read original poetry about the war, and talked together at the tables over refreshments.  At the end of the 3-hour evening we gave each of the veterans a young plant in a pot, which we hope will grow and bring pleasure to the veterans for many more years.

These gifts were a symbolic reminder to the veterans of the development of our people after this tragic time and the rebirth of the Jewish People in its land.

Leonid Gimborg

Community Building Open Stage Evening

March 3, 2018 - Haifa

Over forty young FSU olim from the Haifa area attended this talent evening in a lovely local pub, with ten excellent performers including musicians and stand-up.  The atmosphere was wonderful with everyone rooting for one another and finally voting for the winner.  I think it’s important that we have these opportunities to let new Olim express their amazing talents and shine, in front of supportive friends whom they mostly met through Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli.

Lidia S.

Team-Building Games Night

January 2, 2017

Games master Pavel Pivovarov facilitated this traditional event of Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli. Board games are an amazing , fun pastime for everyone who loves intellectual games and a great opportunity to meet new friends. At the beginning of the event, Pavel explained the rules of the new table games and divided our young participants into teams of 3-6 people. They played different games for 3 hours, and everyone looks forward to the next event!

Leonid G.

Geopolitics and Israel's Northern Border

November 8, 2017, Haifa

Professor Amatzia Baram, an expert on Syria and Iraq, and Yisrael Lavi, former head of the Mossad , made very interesting presentations on the political situation in the Arab countries and its impact on the Northern border of Israel.  Then they answered many questions of our participants and led a lively discussion about Israel’s geopolitical role and future.

Lidia S.

Argaman Cultural Project

September, 2017

September 11th, "Lenny's Bar", Tel-Aviv
Lecture about the Israeli Literature with Eli Bar Yalom

This academic lecture at the bar was the first meeting of Argaman's Fall semester dedicated to Israeli Literature. Eli Bar Yalom told about the history of Israeli Literature from the times of the Talmud, Rashi, and Rambam, focusing on Hebrew as the main language of Jewish literature and on the fact that Hebrew was actually never “dead” or unused. We learned that modern Hebrew has Sephardic pronunciation, why the poet Bialik stands out in this respect, who wrote the first Hebrew sonnets and adventure novels, what were the real merits of Ben Yehuda and why the book of Bibi Netanyahu's younger brother disappeared from the shelves within a week after the publication. It was a really great introduction to our topic. After the lecture and numerous questions of our participants, Eli left and our group continued the conversation over a glass of good beer.

September 28th, Hour Space at Lilienblum St., Tel-Aviv​
Workshop with Israeli writer and Artist Elena Makarova

This was one of the most interesting and unusual meetings of the Argaman Project in 2017. We experienced real art-therapy with the increadible Elena Makarova -a writer, sculptor, artist and curator of many international exhibitions. She allowed our participants to express themselves as she told stories of her life and professional path. We made funny dolls from napkins, heard different musical excerpts and drew what we felt. Her main topic in recent years is the art in concentration camps during Holocaust. She discussed several books that she published on this topic. The evening was really a one-of-the-kind experience and all the participants left inspired and motivated, with many different thoughts and feelings. "This was exactly what I needed in this period of my life, only several weeks after making the Aliya. Huge thanks to Elena for this class"

(Liza M.)

Argaman Cultural Project - Rubin and Bauhaus Museums

March 24th, 2017 - Tel Aviv

Our Argaman Group of about 30 people met in Bialik Square with Tel Avivian guide, historian, and architecture expert Michael Duchovny and showed us around the area. He connected stories of concrete buildings with the people who lived there and created the city and the modernist trends of Tel-Aviv.

We enjoyed a short tour of the Rubin Museum, discussed the creative works of Reuven Rubin and the meaning of his art for the city. Then we visited the Museum of Bauhaus (next door to Bialik Museum), discussed the idea of Bauhaus, and went to the small auditorium where Michael led a discussion about the 1920's in Tel-Aviv, and the arts and architecture of the period.

After talking about the White City, we learned a famous song sung by Shlomo Gronich (“Yesh Li Simpatiya”) and discussed the ideas behind the lyrics.

"The tour was really exciting – thank you to Michael for the opportunity to see the beauty in seemingly simple buildings"


"The small area of Bialik turned out super-interesting and significant for the story of our city, and probably became one of my favourite places. I also want to come back to the Rubin Museum and visit Bialik's House next time"


Friday-Shabbat Retreat

January 27-28, 2016 - Qumran and Ein Gedi

Despite the rain and cold weather, our seminar together was warm, wonderful and informative! Shlomo Kol Yaakov is one of the most interesting archeologists I have met.

I liked that he spent time getting to know all of us. Touring the Qumran excavations and hiking in Ein Gedi on Shabbat with him was a great experience.  I also understood more about the agricultural connections of Jewish holidays, thanks to him and Eli, and the connection between Tu B’Shvat, the return of the Jews home and how our nature and agriculture are flourishing!

The atmosphere was perfect as always, and Havdala was the best ever. Thank you to the organizers and participants!

Nika M

JGalaxy Series 2 with Hebrew University

November 16, 2016 Jerusalem. In November, we launched a new four-part series in collaboration with Genesis Philanthropy Group and Hebrew University.

Last night Dr. Serge Ruzer gave a fascinating talk about sources and approaches to the Jewish concept of Messianism. This was the first of four lectures and referred to sources up to the destruction of the second Temple. With great interest I learned that in various books of the Tanakh, Messiah is perceived as a king, a priest, and a prophet anointed by God.  At the same time, it was interesting to look at two other views taken from the Qumran Codes and the New Testament. While members of the Qumran sect believed that the Messiah could only be anointed by Aharon the Cohen, Christianity and the Apostles stressed that Jesus was a Messiah since, according to them, he was a descendant of King David.

Shoshana Y

MAZAL TOV to Tanya and Adam!

Welcome to beautiful Raphael and Mazal Tov to Tanya (our former Tel Aviv Coordinator) and Adam on their first Sabra baby.  May your raise him in health ad 120.

Only their dog is having a hard time :).

Friday-Shabbat Retreat 42

August 19-20, 2016, Neve Daniel

We spent a wonderful Shabbat together with Linda and her family and their great neighbors – the atmosphere was one of peace and love, so nobody could stay indifferent. We all took part in preparations – baking challot and picking and stomping fresh grapes with our feet to make many liters of fresh grape juice!!

In this romantic atmosphere, just before Shabbat, Sasha proposed to Chana in the Bird Watching tower!! This was very exciting – they even announced it in the synagogue ( an uplifting “Carlebach” style Kabbalat shabbat that I never experienced before and is hardly found in big cities).

Shabbat was relaxing and moving – the best lessons about Tu B’Av, songs, delicious food, games, and hiking in the fresh air with Zeev.

A big thank-you for this memorable weekend!

Ayala B.

Visit to Herzl Museum and Mt. Herzl

June 10, Jerusalem

Groups from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem joined a busload of participants from Haifa for an uplifting morning on Mt. Herzl.

For most participants it was their first time in this fascinating interactive Herzl Museum, and they found it very interesting and exciting. They toured the Mt. Herzl cemetery in alternating groups and learned about the leaders and fighters who are buried there, which they said made them feel proud of the Jewish People and Israel.

They learned about the history of Zionism, heard excerpts from Altneuland and Herzl’s famous speeches.

One of the tour guides on Mt. Herzl was a participant in Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli who said that our excursions inspired her to do the Israeli Tour Guide course!

Our deep thanks to the World Zionist Organization who sponsored this memorable morning.

Argaman Israeli Cultural Project

February and March, 2016, Beit Avichai, Jerusalem

On February 10th, we opened our third series of the Argaman Project, in partnership with the Posen Foundation, Genesis Philanthropy Group and Beit Avichai, on the topic of Jewish and Israeli film and television. Our lecturer was acclaimed director and filmmaker Sasha Vilensky who provided a fascinating overview of Israeli film from the 1940’s to the present day, including film clips from different periods. We watched most of the 1968 film by Efraim Kishon “Blaumilch Canal” - and enjoyed discussing its humor and relevance to Israel today. Sasha provided participants with a list of other classic Israeli movies that they should see in their free time! (Happy to forward it to anyone interested!)

On February 24th, the Founder and Director of the International Animation Festival in Moscow, Dina Goder, shared with the group the history of Israeli animation, reflecting different periods and moods in our history. Dina showed us many examples of Israeli animation, mostly from graduates of Betzalel Art Academy. Below is a link (for Hebrew speakers – sorry) to a particularly moving animated film by a young Russian-speaking immigrant about his service in the IDF:

On March 9th, researcher and lecturer Itai Harlap described the development of the Israeli television industry, from it’s use as a political platform for the Israeli government to the rapid development of popular television series in recent years. He spoke also about cable television, viewing habits of Israelis, media moguls, future trends in television content that he foresees, and also communications studies in Israeli academic institutions today, all of which were of great interest to our participants.

On March 31st, we concluded this series with a festive evening in the Jerusalem Cinemateque, in tribute to its late founder, Leah Van Leer. The evening included a screening of the film “Princess Show”, about an Israeli musician “Kutiman” who changes the life of a poor songwriter from New Orleans using digital music from musicians from around the world. After a discussion with the director, Ido Har, the evening concluded with a dramatic surprise performance by Kutiman and Princess Show which had the whole audience on its feet, clapping and singing. Our group was very enthusiastic about this program, touching on the power of music and the idealism of one Israeli digital music maestro.

Dina M.


January 22, 2016 - Beit Shemesh area

Thank you to the organizers for this fabulous trip and wonderful atmosphere!!! We brought new life to the rocky hills of Israel by planting trees and celebrating Tu B'Shvat in a traditional way. We had breakfast, including many fresh and dried fruits, on the beautiful patio of the goat farm, and learned everything about the life of goats: how they are born (we saw two births!!!), how they are milked (we did that too!) , their social habits, what they eat etc.

The best part was the master class on preparing goat cheese. We each prepared our own 200 gram container of fresh goat "Ricotta", and learned all the techniques and chemical explanations for the process of cheesemaking, and the health benefits of goat's milk over cow's milk.

The expression "A Land of Milk and Honey" refers to goat's milk!

It was a day of inner harmony, new friends and communion with nature that left me very happy!

Marina S.

Our new baby Sabras

December 2015 was another fruitful month for Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli!    Mazal tov to our own Ilya and Masha on the birth of Yaakov, Nelly and Yaroslav on the birth of Natan, and Elena and Sasha on the birth of Eva Sofiya – may they grow up healthy and strong.

“And you shall see your children’s children – peace on all of Israel!”

(Psalms 128)

Start -Up Hub night

November 30, 2015 - Tel Aviv

Our whole group was invited to “Cluster”, a Start-Up Hub in Tel Aviv, to hear about Israel’s outstanding start-up industry from the hub’s founder Alex Tabak. He told many stories of high tech start ups in Israel – those that succeeded and some that didn’t. The participants asked many questions and he gave very informative answers about the problems and challenges of technology and investment, for all those who were interested in launching their own start-ups one day.

Leonid G.

Friday-Shabbat Retreat 36

October 30-31, Mitzpeh Ramon

Thank you to the organizers, lecturers and sponsors for a wonderful seminar. Friday's hike was super through Mount Ruchama in the Negev - a lot of sand and mountains and suddenly – a lake in the desert! Mitzpeh Ramon is a place of great beauty – just beyond the threshold of our accomodations we could look out over the crater and its lunar landscapes. I try to come to seminars because of the memorable Shabbat atmosphere – Shlomo knew how to create this tranquility and run discussions on personal development and Jewish mysticism that left me with a lot of food for thought. It was great to get acquainted with new people and see our friends run sessions. People are so open. Thank you Shishi Shabbat for the opportunity to discover new places in Israel, our history and Jewish wisdom and traditions!

Veronica B.

Face to Face with Jewish History - 10 years since Gush Katif

August 20, 2015 - Beit Kehillot, Jerusalem

I wanted to thank you for the Thursday evening devoted to 10 years since the disengagement.

It was an important night in my opinion, as nothing can compare with obtaining information from the original source - Miriam Freiman, a doctor and resident of Gush Katif. The movie about her family - "In Freiman's Kitchen" - provided a true understanding of the difficulty and moral dilemmas of that period - people who had dedicated their entire lives to building up Gush Katif, their disbelief and sense of abandonment.

The journalist Gabriel provided an insight into the Israeli media's generally one-sided approach to the disengagement during that period.

Though many of us were not yet in Israel 10 years ago, this is a part of Israeli history that we should not forget!

Miriam Z.

"Igro-Tech" Team-Building Game Night

July 23, 2015, Haifa

This was a fun evening and a great way to grow our Haifa Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli community! We had many new participants and the atmosphere was really nice. Some of the games were familiar but others were new and intriguing. Everyone asked when they can gather again and talked about other events that we can plan together.

Lidia S.

Argaman Israeli Cultural Project

June 1, 2015 - Habima Theater, Tel Aviv, and June 23, 2015, Beit Avichai Jerusalem

Thank you for this amazing evening at the HaBima National Theater. The play "Panic" was a very funny comedy and it was good to see professional Israeli actors who clearly enjoyed themselves on stage. It was also excellent to take a break from my hard weekday work schedule and enjoy a cultural evening with many friends in the beautiful HaBima complex, which I had never visited before. Thanks to Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli and the Ministry of Absorption (in celebration of 25 years of aliyah from FSU) for organizing this great opportunity.

Leonid M.

Last night we gathered under the sky in the courtyard of Beit Avichai to hear a great concert – Moscow-born actress and singer Anya Bukshtein performing the songs of Israeli composer Yossi Banai. I didn’t realize how many of his songs I had actually heard but never knew that he composed them (i.e. Al Kol Ele by Naomi Shemer!) . Some were slow, some were funny and energetic. The best part of the evening were the jazz musicians who accompanied Anya – they were first-rate. I would have never gotten to this concert on my own. Project Argaman is a super idea!

Anna Bukstein performs the songs of Yossi Banai – June 23, 2015

Pesach Camping Trip

April 7-8, 2015, Hof HaBonim

In the name of everyone who participated, I want to thank Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli for helping us continue this wonderful tradition. We arranged an interesting and fun camping trip on Pesach our third year in a row! The Bonim Nature Reserve is stunning, and we all enjoyed hiking, fishing, making our campfire and just relaxing there. Pitching our tents on the seashore added to the experience. Although I am not religious, it was meaningful for me that everyone was careful about the kashrut laws for Pesach so that everyone felt comfortable and had a great time together – and the barbeque was delicious as always.

With appreciation, Vagif E.

Purim Picnic

March 6th, 2015 - Independence Park, Jerusalem

What a perfect way to spend Purim, with good friends and all the traditional customs – but outside in a sunny Jerusalem park! Reuven read Megillat Esther for us, fast and funny like last year, and our Purim meal together was delicious barbeque, prepared by our best chefs...The music was great, the games and competitions were fun and helped us meet new people and also exchange our Mishlochei Manot. And everyone invested in their costumes per usual – so good to spend holidays with our Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli kehilla!

Vika M.

Purim Picnic

Team Building "Car Racing" in Jerusalem

Friday, January 16, 2015

This was a perfect activity for a stormy Friday in Jerusalem.  We gathered for a car racing competition – but the atmosphere was one of comraderie, excitement and cheering fans! 

As always with us, the main thing was not to win, but to be together again.  Let it be cold and icy outside – inside was warm and fun.

Thanks to Shishi-Shabbat Yisraeli for helping me organize such a positive and friendly competition!

Eli B.


Beit Kehillot, Wednesday December 10, 2014

I was very happy to join the study evening on Wednesday in Beit Kehillot with Rav Faerman. Previous events with Shishi Shabbat have always been quite interesting and it was also good just to drink tea with old friends from the group. I had not thought very much before about the reasons we celebrated New Year in the FSU and it’s connection to Chanuka (i.e. December 25 based on 25th of Kislev) and the lecture and discussions afterwards opened up for me a new way of looking at Chanuka, the challenges of being Jewish then and in our generation. I liked the short movie “Lights” that he showed us in the beginning, which he had translated into Russian many years ago. Rabbi Faerman is an erudite scholar and charismatic storyteller and I really enjoyed this evening!

Gershon A.

Wedding and Sheva Brachot for Ilya and Maria

October 26 and 29, 2014

Ilya, Assistant Director of Shishi Shabbat YIsraeli, and his beloved Maria were married in Jerusalem last month, in the presence of a full hall of enthusiastic Shishi Shabbat participants. The feeling was one of huge,extended family - we had all waited for this moment!! Their siblings, parents and grandparents from St. Petersburg were visibly moved by all the blessings, as our resident MC Valera carried the microphone from table to table. A few days later 28 friends and family members gathered at Linda and Ze’ev’s house for Sheva Brachot – a Shishi Shabbat YIsraeli tradition which we hope to continue throughout the years! We ate, sang, and made many l’chaim’s to the bride and groom using the Russian alphabet book “Bukvar”. Two second generation Shishi Shabbat babies also joined the celebration....To smachot!

Pre-Rosh Hashana Ball

Jerusalem - September 23, 2014

This was a night to remember! There were 250 of us, dancing and enjoying a great program under the Jerusalem night sky! Even the weather was perfect. Everything was so well-organized – the Rosh Hashana cards we wrote to one another, the “brand wall” for taking pictures, the poetry box, the holiday quiz and competitions, the waltz for our newly married couples, the prizes for all the volunteers. It was such a good way to end the year and begin a new one, spending some great hours with old friends from Shishi Shabbat, and making new ones. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and I am left with such a good feeling after this wonderful evening. I look forward to many more events like this one. Thank you to all the organizers!!

Anna S.

Tiyul to Shomron

Friday, July 18

What an interesting and unusual excursion we had last Friday with Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli!  Yes, many of our friends were in reserve duty or staying close to home, given the rockets from Gaza, but I am so glad this trip went  on as scheduled.  I would never have gotten to this area or had these incredible experiences on my own.  We visited the national park in Mt Grizim where the pages of the Bible came alive for us (the blessings and the curses before entering the Land), saw the remains of the Samaritan temple, and looked out over Shechem and the gravesite of Joseph.  We visited the site of the Samaritans’ Passover, met a Samaritan and heard about their traditions. But I would say the most memorable part of the day was our visit to Itamar – the environmentally-friendly dairy farm in Giva’ot Olam , the winery, and the Zimmerman family farm where no resources go to waste – Rachel Zimmerman’s energy, their hydroponic farming methods and the delicious organic baked goods, goat cheeses, granola and dried fruit that she offered us were so inspiring. The Zimmerman’s are almost completely self- sufficient, which reminded me that we needn’t run to the supermarket for everything.Thanks for this day and awaiting future events!

Pavel A.

Jewish History Series

Tuesdays June 10, 17, 24, July 1 – Ramat Gan

What a good idea this course is – weekly sessions on Jewish History with Alex Maimon! He is one of my favorite guides. His lectures expand our horizons and make me want to learn more and ask questions about our history that I never thought about before. We so far have studied the historical context of the Exodus from Egypt, the location of Mt. Sinai, dynasty of King David, and the Jewish historical connections to the Temple Mount compared to that of other religions. I hope Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli will continue with lectures of this caliber.

Sofia B.

Pesach Camping on the Kinneret

April 16-17 (organized by volunteers Yehudit Z. and Eli B.)

On Chol HaMoed Pesach we travelled to the North to Park HaYarden. We started this tradition last Pesach with 20 people – this year we were 30. We had great fun – the feeling of togetherness, kosher-for-pesach grills, all-night campfire, guitars and good friends! We had a discussion about seeing ourselves, in every generation, as leaving Egypt and the most broad understanding of slavery today. All this, around the campfire eating barbeque and matza, singing songs and going to sleep in our tents, just like our ancestors when they left Egypt.

Eli B.

Tu B'Shvat Seder and Fruit Carving Competition

Wednesday, January 15, Jerusalem

«I try to attend most of the events of Shishi Shabbat because I like the atmosphere, the interesting people that come, and the messages we take away from these meetings. This was my first Seder Tu-Bishvat - we sang songs about Israel, ate from beautiful fruit platters, and learned about the symbolism of each fruit in Judaism and the significance of the holiday. But the most outstanding part of the celebration was the fruit carving contest. A professional fruit carver demonstrated how to cut melon into flowers, and then everyone divided into groups with one carving knife and created crazy fruit sculptures while getting to know one another. The results were impressive! The whole evening was so interesting, fun, and full of joy!»

Marina K

Tour of Weizmann Home and Living Sculpture Festival

July 2, 2019 - Beersheva

I really appreciated the tour to the house of Haim Weizmann, the first President of Israel, along with the Beersheva Municipality. I knew nothing about him, so it was very informative! We saw a beautiful film about his life, how his wife Vera drove his car, and toured the well-kept grounds, including the impressive monument resembling a torn Torah scroll.

At the festival of living sculptures there was a huge variety of scenes. I especially liked the guys who mocked everyone taking selfies and the two people who walked around as hospital patients! It wasn’t clear whether these were real patients or part of the exhibition!

Vera T.

Jewish Brain Ring and Board Games

May 30 & June 26, 2019 - Haifa and Tel Aviv

Alexey led another excellent evening of Jewish Brain Ring in Haifa, with questions about Jerusalem Day, Jewish history, and general trivia. Winning teams won prizes and everyone met new friends and had a great time.

In Tel Aviv, Games master Pavel Pivovarov ran our t raditional games event for everyone who loves this fun, intellectual past time and awesome opportunity to find new friends.

After learning the rules of the games, the participants divided into teams of 3 to 6 people and played different games for 3 hours!

Lidia S. and Leonid G.

Games Evening in the Bar

April 10th, 2019 - Haifa

We had a very warm and friendly evening in our local pub, playing board and intellectual games and meeting new young olim who recently moved to Haifa. We try to run these evenings every few weeks, buying new games when possible, to help our members relax after work and studies, challenge their minds, and meet new friends!

Lidia S.

Jewish Brain Ring

February 13, 2019 - Haifa

A lot of people came and the competition was fierce! We answered questions about Israeli history, Jewish customs, and general knowledge. The first, second and third place teams received prizes, we drank hot tea and coffee and warmed up a cold February night with interesting discussions and new acquaintances!

Lidia S.

ArtZehut Workshops

January 2018, Haifa and Tel Aviv

In honor of Tu B’Shvat and lovely flowers appearing everywhere we look, new Olah artist Ksenya Revzin ran ArtZehut workshops in Haifa and Tel Aviv.  She taught beautiful techniques for blending colors and painting the flowers of Israel.  In Haifa, the workshop was also our monthly volunteer event with mentally-challenged adults who enjoyed creating beautiful crafts assisted by our young Olim volunteers.

Lidia S. and Leonid G.

Operation Light Up!, Chanuka, 2018

Jerusalem, Beersheva, Haifa, Tel Aviv

Close to 180 of our young olim volunteers in Jerusalem, Beersheva, Haifa and Tel Aviv celebrated Chanuka in the most meaningful way – preparing gifts and bringing food, light and good company to about 220 Russian-speaking WWII Veterans and Survivors in their homes.   In Tel Aviv we also held a special evening of young olim volunteers and WWII Veterans – we lit the 4th Chanuka candle together, sang songs in Russian, Hebrew and Yiddish with the excellent WWII Veterans choir, and heard an excellent lecture about  the Maccabis – both Cohanim and armed defenders, and celebrating Chanuka as a holiday of faith and dedication. The elderly Veterans shared stories of their war struggles and their aliya to Israel and told the young people to be very grateful for the incredibly good lives and security they enjoy in their own land. Thank you to the local Municipalities, our wonderful olim who came to participate in every city, and to the good people who contributed to our Operation Light Up! campaign to make it  possible.

Here are two of many stories we received from the volunteers:

Today I was lucky to take part in a wonderful project with Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli Haifa.  Dima T. and I visited an incredible person - Roni Elizarovna Protosovich.  She saw the mass arrests of Jews in 1937, and the brutal persecutions against them, including the infamous “Doctors' Case." She was a 19 year-old medical student during the Seige of Leningrad, survived the terrible winter of 1941 and miraculously escaped (unlike many others) through Lake Ladoga. She worked as a general practitioner, moved to Israel in 1990 and has two children, two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren!  She is keenly interested in their lives and knows the smallest details about each child!  Rona Elizarovna is 96 years old, but looking at her and her beautiful speech, smile, and fire in her eyes – you would never believe it!l   Most of us cannot boast of such cheerfulness.

So, my friends, if you admire people who make a million on the resale of goods from China - please remember that there are other  reasons for admiration. Look at people like 96 year-old Ronya Elizarovna and ask yourself - will I be like this at 96? Personally, I wish it with all my heart! So like we learn from Chanuka, believe in miracles and create them yourself - it's not as difficult as it seems. Chag Hanukah Sameach!

Anastasia R.

Our 40-member volunteer group in Beersheva, including participants of all the aliyah programs, came to celebrate Chanukah and share warm emotions with our veterans, Holocaust victims and older people with unique life stories and vast experience. Dividing into pairs, we visited more than 40 apartments, where absolutely amazing people lived: cheerful and welcoming and subsequently each of us became so close. I visited a Vladimir and Valentina, who repatriated to Israel in 1999 from Taganrog. Vladimir, 90, was a prisoner of the Ghetto and then an engineer at the aviation plant in Taganrog. Valentina, 88, was born in Omsk, and did medical work in all of Russia. They moved to our wonderful and cozy city of Beersheva in 2004. They know Hebrew quite well and love Israel very much. We lit Chanukah candles and spent much time in conversation.  We exchanged numbers and agreed to call up and meet. The moment of farewell was incredibly touching as no one wanted to end this evening -we embraced and remain good friends. I want to thank the organizers of this operation for the opportunity to perform such good deeds, the impressions of which will remain with me forever

Pavel Y.

Inspirational Stories on the Bar

October 29, 2018 - Haifa

The topic of this meeting was O lim – Inspirational Stories with Real People and their achievements after repatriation. One woman spoke about opening a restaurant after 2 years in Israel; another man finished the army and the Technion and worked in Intel by age 23. One man who was Chief Editor of a live journal in Moscow who left everything to start his life anew in Haifa.

A super-interesting evening. I learned a lot and will happily participate again. Great energy, good wine and coffee and conversations with intelligent and inspiring people about real things! Thank you to the organizers!

Olga K.

Sukkot Hike with Lone Soldiers

September 28th, 2018 - Beit Guvrin

This was my first trip with Shishi-Shabbat Yisraeli and Nefesh be Nefesh Lone Soldiers and it was a lot of fun. We explored amazing caves in Beit Guvrin - unreal Columbarium and houses underground that have extraordinary histories. We learned about the very different times from our own when they were dug and received perspective on the early settlements of Israel through to modern day. The beauty of the views, which opened before us, painted also by incredible histories, let our imaginations expand. Our guides Dima and Vlad helped a lot with their humor.

We also visited a winery, where we not only tasted delicious wine in the Sukkah, but also learned the whole process of its preparation, and the differences in taste and quality of wine. It really illuminated my illiteracy in the area of winemaking!

Probably the most important plus for me was meeting so many new warm people, each of whom were fascinated by something else! After the trip, a group of us went for a walk and had a great time until the evening. I am after the army and on my own in Israel, and haven’t felt so at home, in my own place, like I did that day. Thank you very much!

Alisa P.

And here’s a video to remember that day!

Tour of Tel Aviv Port

May 11, 2018 - Tel Aviv

As a result of the general Arab strike during their 1936–39 revolt in Mandatory Palestine, the Arab port of Jaffa was replaced with an alternative port in the neighboring Jewish town of Tel Aviv. After the War of Independence, the port operated only on a partial basis and was finally closed down on October 25, 1965 when its operations moved to the newly-built Ashdod Port. The area gradually decayed until the Port was completely overhauled in 2002 and a new wavy boardwalk opened in 2008 evoking sand dunes. Today the Namal (Tel Aviv Port) is the most popular attraction in Tel Aviv but few know it’s history. We spent four excellent hours with guide Gali Benin exploring this area, including the small museum which opened there recently.

Leonid Gimborg

Literary Evening: "Dovlatov and Brodsky - Life After Life"

March 8, 2018

I had gotten used to thinking that the lectures in our Absorption Center with Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli were devoted to holidays and Jewish philosophy and traditions. And then suddenly a lecture about Sergei Dovlatov, the Soviet dissident writer who was forced to emigrate from the USSR in 1979.  and the poet and writer Joseph Brodsky who also fled the USSR for America in the 1970’s. An Israeli journalist, Semyon Khashchansky, described how Dovlatov and Brodsky were friends and both severely persecuted by the Soviet regime, but their fates were very different. The poet Brodsky, wishing to forget about the USSR, plunged into the American literary milieu.  The writer Dovlatov lived in the Russian neighborhoods of Brooklyn, refused to learn English, and drowned himself in vodka. Despite such major differences in behavior, both Brodsky and Dovlatov became famous in the U.S.

Why did Dovlatov and Brodsky not emigrate to Israel? How did a writer who did not know English, get onto the pages of the most prestigious magazines and make Kurt Vonnegut envious? And why did none of them return home to perestroika? To answer these questions, Semyon Khashchansky went to America, met with Dovlatov’s wife and sat in the archives ... And we, in order to find out all this out, just had to meet Semyon for this great lecture.

Asya Yakubovich

Artzehut Volunteer Workshop

January 25

Our volunteers braved stormy weather to learn watercolor techniques from new olah art teacher Ksenya.

They also enjoyed helping mentally challenged adults make flower and fruit creations in the spirit of Tu B’Shvat.

Lidia S.

Jewish Brain Ring Evening

November 15, 2017 - Haifa

Alexei led an excellent evening of competitive questions, including many quiz questions about modern Israel, Jewish history and Jewish traditions. New people join these competitions each time so we also did icebreakers and everyone had a good time.

Lidia S.

Sukkot Quest and Sukkah Building!

October 3, 2017

Many new olim and veteran members of our Haifa group enjoyed a competitive treasure hunt on the topic of Sukkot, in collaboration with Chabad. Yigal gave a small lecture, and then the teams searched for encrypted numbers, had to dance, play chess, learn about Lulav and Etrog, solve logic riddles, find coins and in the end finish building the sukkah, prepare food and receive prizes. They stayed to play games together even after the event was over. A wonderful evening!

Lidia S.

Psychology of Relationships Workshop

March 30, 2017 - Haifa

At the end of March we had a deep and interesting training workshop with psychologist Leah Vidensky. She talked about relationships, communication, and mutual understanding, and also brought in Jewish traditions which help preserve good marital relationships. People came with a lot of questions, and it was interesting to observe how they began to understand one another. There was a lot of good feedback and desire to participate in these workshops in the future.

Lidia S.

Many smachot to share!

Mazal tov to our dear (former Tel Aviv Coordinator) Inna and Sergei, Sasha and Chana, Dima and Yulia, and Roman and Inbal on their recent marriages and Marina and Pavel on the birth their baby girl!  Looking forward to many more opportunities to rejoice with our expanding young Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli families!

Argaman Cultural Project

Cameri Theater Group, November 7, 2016 - Jerusalem

This week we attended a performance of "Wolves" (directed by Hillel Mittelpunkt) by the Cameri  - a premier Israeli Theatre company.

Before the show we met Irina Gorelik, the Director of Micro Theatre (located in the same complex) and she told us about the history of theater in Jerusalem in general, the philosophy of the Jerusalem theatre and her professional path in Israel.  We also spoke about the political background of the play “Wolves”, set in 1978, a year after the dramatic political shift in Israel that brought the Likud Party to power for the first time.  The play was really excellent – an emotionally charged drama about the widowed Ze’eva (Tiki Dayan) and her family  with a lot of wit, humor, and outstanding performances. 

After the show the participants discussed the political and general messages of the play. They told personal stories, debated and argued about who were the most sympathetic characters, but all seemed to really enjoyed the acting.

Friday Hike

September 16th, Haifa

Sasha took us exploring again in the Carmel Mountains – our favorite Friday custom and each time new people join us. We walked for 4 1/2 hours  climbing down from Little Switzerland to the bottom of the Carmel Mountains along the estuary, enjoying the beauty of the nature reserves.

Along the way, Sasha taught us the history, plant and animal life and topography of the area. We came home tired before Shabbat but happy!

Aloud with Expression

August 29th, 2016 - Haifa

We gathered to read and discuss the Israeli author Edgar Karet juxtaposed with the works of Woody Allen! We debated about love, the Jewish People, New York and Tel Aviv. The atmosphere was lively and friendly, and after two hours many of us still had more opinions to express!  These are interesting and  thought-provoking events and I hope to participate again!

Alex S.

Meeting with U.S. Young Russian Jewish Leaders

June 13, 2016, Tel Aviv

Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli is often invited to meet with visiting groups of young Russian Jews from overseas.

On June 13th I was part of a panel that met with 15 Russian-speaking young Jewish leaders from the Los Angeles area who are trying to build community and engage other young Russian-speaking American Jews. We discussed issues of language and their desire to preserve Russian culture. But mostly they were interested in programming ideas to combat assimilation and help inculcate Jewish values in a modern context. They were surprised to hear that strong Jewish identity and Jewish literacy are not a given among young Israelis, and that they must be creatively taught and nurtured everywhere, including Israel!

Purim in the Park!

March 25, 2016 - Jerusalem

What a great day!!! Warm weather, my friends in crazy costumes, hearing Megillat Esther with noisemakers, contests run by Lena and Valera, beer, and great-tasting barbequed chicken and meat. And the music and dancing in the middle of beautiful Jerusalem !! Purim in the Park is a great Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli tradition which I don’t mind waking up for on Purim morning!

Lena K.


January 19, 2016, Haifa

In collaboration with Hadar l’Hadar community, Shishi Shabbat YIsraeli hosted an exciting Tu B’Shvat seder with fruit, wine and a short lecture by Rabbi Daniel, followed by a challenging intellectual quiz game connected to the holiday. The clues were not easy but everyone enjoyed. The atmosphere was lively and about 40 people competed for the top prizes – photo sweatshirts!

Lidia S.

New Olim Chanuka Celebration

December 10, 2015, Jerusalem

Over 300 young Russian-speaking immigrants, many of whom arrived in 2015, joined us for an exciting Chanuka extravaganza in Jerusalem, organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Absorption and the Jerusalem Municipality. The event included 4 different walking tours of the capital, candlelighting with Ministry and Municipality officials, excellent music, icebreakers, activities and prizes connected to the holiday, photo magnets, and of course delicious gourmet doughnuts.  Participants danced and mingled until the wee hours.

We are grateful to all the partners who helped us create this very warm and memorable holiday welcome for our newest olim!

Team-Building Game Night

November 19, 2015 - Haifa

Intellectual and table games were part of my childhood in Ukraine. I recently finished my Masa program and was really happy to find a group of friends here in Haifa that I could have fun with and feel like family, especially on Jewish holidays. .Last night we learned about the month of Kislev – Chanuka – also played new table games that I had never seen, plus the old classic “Mafia” - which gets us arguing every time! It was a cool night – thank you Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli Haifa!

Liza M.


This past month we celebrated two Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli weddings and one birth.  A huge Mazal Tov to our dear Drs. Leonid and Alina Galin, who celebrated with many other medical members of Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli (a lot of gynecologists at one simcha!) and to our former Central Area Coordinator Tanya Telepinsky and Adam Yegor who stood under the chupa in October. Felix and Yulia Poliakov, who met at one of our Purim celebrations, became parents to a beautiful baby daughter!! May we continue to build rooted, vibrant young Jewish families in Am Yisrael!


Pre-Rosh Hashana Workshop & L'Chaim

September 8, 2015, Haifa

Our Rosh Hashana event was interesting and fun. We organized this evening with the Machanaim community and about 45 people attended. We had a workshop on the Rosh Hashana seder, with traditional fruits and vegetables, prepared candy apples and hand-made puzzles, and ran a quiz game about the Chagim. Rabbi Daniel Ravkin taught the group about Rosh Hashana and blew the shofar. We made a L’Chaim on wine and everyone left tired, but happy.

On both days of Rosh Hashana, a small group of us also gathered to hear a special Shofar blowing near Haifa port.

Lidia S.

9 Days Dairy Dessert Master Class

July 19th, 2015

It is a custom not to eat meat during the 9 days before Tisha B'Av, when we remember the destruction of the Temples and other terrible incidents in Jewish history. Zeev spoke about this tradition and the things we should be focusing on during this sad period of the year.  Then we rolled up our sleeves and took part in a dessert workshop by our friend Yulia, who is a professional dessert chef at the Ramada Hotel! We prepared gourmet toppings and mousses with chocolate and  berries and seasonal fruits - the process was long but the results were impressive and delicious!  Thank you Yulia for your patience and sharing your talents with us!!

Alona M.

Jerusalem Day "Quest"

May 16, 2015 - Jerusalem

It turns out that young Russian-speaking olim know a lot about the history of Jerusalem and the Old City! On May 17th, Jerusalem Day, 20 teams of 4-6 people ran at breakneck speed through the Old City of Jerusalem, searching for the answers to tough questions, in a special “Quest” organized by Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli. Finding the solutions was only part of the challenge that faced the contestants. The Old City was so packed that we could barely move, especially near the Kotel. But these extreme conditions did not stop us or the other participants. We played not only for fun, but for excellent prizes. All the teams chose names – “Pharisees”, “Point J,” “Collaborators” - and some even had their own t-shirts! In other words, there was a lot of spirit and it was great fun.

Some sample questions (we had to find the place and send a photo with the correct answers):

  • The destroyed synagogue "Tifferet Yisrael," was built by Rabbi Israel of Ružiná. Who donated the money (1000 coins), for the construction of the roof of the synagogue?
  • This girls’ school was built in 1864 in Jerusalem. When Evelyn died in childbirth in 1886, the school was named after her to perpetuate her memory. What confirmation did you find that this family built the school?
  • Find and photograph the stone on which are carved the words of the prophecy from Zechariah (8: 4-5). Whom is this text about?

Ilya M.

Israel Independence Day

April 23, Gush Etzion

This is my third year participating in Yom HaAtzmaut with Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli.We sampled goat cheese in Sde Bar, hiked Nachal Tekoa through a surprising downfall of rain and hail, crawled on our stomachs through the Haritoun Caves, and visited a gallery of local artists in Tekoa before gathering for our traditional BBQ in Neve Daniel.

The fact that this area fell defending Jerusalem, the day before the State was declared, is enough reason to come back here every year. But I also love the spectacular views, the new people I meet, and of course the hospitality and great food. The rabbi of Neve Daniel spoke to us about prophecies in the Tanach that the Jews would be dispersed and a lot of us would return here, and I feel lucky to be living in this generation. I feel like I belong in Israel, and visiting places like Gush Etzion really puts our history in to perspective.

Alex B.

Purimshpiel Festival in Vitebsk

March 10 - 16, 2015

Through the support of the Genesis Philanthropy Group and the Jewish Agency, eight of our Haifa participants received the unique opportunity to travel to Vitebsk, Belarus, for the 21st International Purimshpiel Festival!  Their play which was on the theme of internet dependency and the Purim story(!) – here’s a short  summary from one of the participants: 

"I am very proud that I was given opportunity to participate in the 21st international Purimshpiel Festival in Vitebsk, Belarus. As a person who was not familiar enough with Jewish culture, it was an exciting experience to find myself surrounded by young Jewish people from different countries, united by creative ideas and such strong national identity. The festival was well-organized and held on a very high level.  Participants learned about life in different countries, particularly Israel, and got to show their talents in public. We received invaluable experience in stage work during the  master classes, watched the fascinating performances of the other teams and heard the jury’s opinion about our work. Next year our team must work even harder to get Israel back to 1st place !"

Viktoriya M. (doctor and Ulpan student)

Haifa Branch City Walk

Friday, January 23, 2015

Our walking tour began at 10:00 at the Haifa Municipality building. In the Memorial Gardens, one of our Haifa project organizers, Yanna-Noa, ran games to help us wake up and get to know one another. We discovered that some of the participants had traveled from other cities in Israel for this hike, not just from Haifa. We were lucky with the weather and enjoyed beautiful views as we walked downhill from the top of the city. Our guide shared many interesting facts about the establishment of the city of Haifa up to the present day. We ended our trip in Paris Square, where we played a few intellectual games and discussed upcoming events for Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli Haifa.

Alexei M.

Haifa Branch Opening and Chanuka Event

Beit Oleh, Haifa - Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

«Thank you on behalf of the Russian-speaking young adults of Haifa! We were waiting for this moment!

On December 16, the first night of Chanuka, in collaboration with the Haifa Municipality, Beit Oleh, Chabad and many local young activists, we opened the newest branch of the Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli family in Haifa. The event was attended by close to 100 young people aged 18-35 years. After introductory remarks, a short movie about Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli and some fun clips on Chanuka, the program continued with a dramatic, interactive theatrical perfomance about the essence of Chanuka and the lighting of the first Chanuka candle with everyone together. Then we ate sufganiyot and cold and hot drinks, and went into the courtyard for 2 more hours of group dynamics, games and interesting quizzes run by our talented volunteers Ilya and Oleg, about Chanuka, Haifa, and Jewish trivia.

Everyone met a lot of new people, said that the event was run on a high level, and had an excellent time together!

They are waiting for the next Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli happening in Haifa!»

Alexei M. (former IDF Officer, M.B.A. student in Technion and now Coordinator of Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli, Haifa)

Friday Fitness Happening with Jerusalem Village

November 14, 2014

This was a great event – fun, well-planned, sunny weather and I met new people my age who had moved to Jerusalem from all over the world. I enjoyed the Pilates and yoga sessions - the teachers were excellent - while other people played volleyball, and ate vegetables, fruits and other healthy food. The best session was Bootcamp, led by an ex-Marine! He was tough but it was great to sweat with friends from Shishi Shabbat! Nice way to wind down before the weekend. We should make these sports Fridays a tradition.

Kirill S.

Pre-Holiday Study and Cooking Workshop

Tel Aviv, September 18, 2014

Over 70 participants from all over Israel enjoyed this evening of study and gourmet treats in preparation for the High Holidays, in collaboration with the Midrasha HaTzionit and Milhauz. We started with a holiday cooking workshop and then had a discussion about Rosh Hashana and the meaning of the shofar. Afterwards there were two parallel workshops – one in Beit Midrash format and another on personal, national and universal themes of the Fall holidays. There was a true congenial holiday atmosphere and everyone left with sweet food in their bellies and much food for thought.

Inna C.

Sheva Brachot for Vika and Kostya

Sunday September 14

A small crowd of 25 friends and Konstya’s family from St. Petersburg gathered at Linda and Ze’ev’s for Sheva Brachot a few days after the wedding.  We made a delicious barbeque together, blessed Kostya and Vika for the New Year and their future life together (based on the game Story Cubes), drank L’Chaim’s, sang many songs, ate grapes from the grapevines, and had an overall uplifting evening.  Kostya’s family was very moved and impressed,  having never experienced such a joyful Jewish celebration in someone’s home before.

New Olim Tu B'Av Celebration

August 13th, Jerusalem

We joined together with Jerusalem Village to welcome Jerusalem newest young immigrants and celebrate Tu B’Av under the Jerusalem stars....

Over 200 young adults participated in this event, planned by volunteers from Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli, along with French, and English-speaking organizers and MC’s. There were games and icebreakers, good food and music, and many opportunities to meet new friends from all over the Jewish world, who have come home to Jerusalem...

Guiness Largest Shabbat Dinner

Friday June 13 – Tel Aviv

About 35 members of Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli were among the 2226 people who made history on Friday June 17th by participating in the Guinness Book of World Records Largest Shabbat dinner in the world! The event was superbly organized by White City Shabbat and Chabad and the food was absolutely delicious. Every participant received a Kabbalat Shabbat booklet and bracelet . It was very moving to see this number of mostly young people from all over the country and the world participating in Kabbalat Shabbat services, lighting candles, singing, and enjoying Shabbat together in the port of Tel Aviv. Our participants said that it was an experience they will never forget. Along the same vein, we are currently trying to organize a network of smaller community Shabbat dinners in our members’ apartments in cities across Israel.

Veterans’ Home Visitation Program

ongoing, Jerusalem

Meet Yaakov, a world-renowned artist and wonderful man! Here are a few of the paintings from his home workshop. He shares so many interesting stories from his life – I highly recommend that you meet him too. Our group of four volunteers from Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli divide up visits to his home every week. Us and many other volunteers have been visiting WWII Veterans in Jerusalem on a regular basis for three years now, especially during the holidays. And now we have wonderful adopted “grandparents” to speak to and share our lives with.

Ilya T

Excursion to Tzefat

July 18, 2019 - from Haifa

This amazing excursion was like a dream.  The whole city was full of musical concerts. We competed to solve quiz questions in a Night Quest to learn all about the city of Tzefat, and our guide also performed music in a cave. We tasted local wine and in the end drove to the ancient city of Rosh Pina.  It was a very beautiful evening for our whole bus full of participants from Haifa! 

Lidia S.

Humor in Israel

May 21, 2019 - Tel Aviv

What do you know about the development of Jewish humor as a genre, and humorous shows in Israel? Or the development of Israeli jokes in Russian and Hebrew?

Shishi Shabbat Israeli and the Tel Aviv Mayor's Office invited key Israeli stand-up comedian Konstantin Ronchenko to talk about Jewish and Israeli humor and its development with the “big Aliya” from the FSU. Describing his appearance in Israeli and foreign comedy shows, including KVN, Stand UP, Comedy Club, League of Laughter, etc. Konstantin shared secrets of his self-development in this field and professional opportunities for interested participants.

Leonid G.

ArtZehut Workshops

March and April, 2019 - Haifa

Our art classes with volunteers and mentally-challenged adults focused on upcoming holidays. On April 14th, Ksenia helped us prepare artworks with plasticine on the theme of the Exodus from Egypt in honor of Passover. On March 3rd, Ksenia taught us how to prepare decorations for our Purim party!

It was lovely to see our volunteers bringing holiday spirit to others.

Lidia S.

ArtZehut Volunteer Project

February 17, 2019 -Haifa

We prepared for Purim, making and decorating masks and it was a wonderful atmosphere!  Young volunteers also joined us to help make crafts with mentally challenged adults.

Lidia S.

Tu b'Shvat Fruit Carving Workshop

January 27, 2018 Beersheva

In the month of Shvat, we celebrated one of our holidays - Tu B’Shvat.  A wonderful woman named Ruth, who is also a literature teacher, taught us her great profession and hobby - vegetable and fruit carving. We had our own carving knives and made beautiful creations! We learned what are the native fruits of the Land of Israel, the history of the holiday, the custom of Tu B’Shvat Seder and also practiced our Hebrew which is important. Thanks for the event - I really enjoyed the format and look forward to other great events.

Ira P.

Friday-Shabbat Retreat #61

December 21-22, 2018 - Mitzpeh Ramon

I have long dreamed of visiting Mitzpe Ramon, see the Martian landscapes of this magical place. Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli gave me this opportunity, in addition to the warmest and friendliest workshop atmosphere to explore Shabbat and Jewish traditions, and even learn about modern space travel and meditation, in training sessions run by experts and participants! I was inspired by Shmuel’s talk about growth through difficult experiences and prospering in the desert. I'm coming home with new acquaintances, and interesting ideas from like-minded people for running youth projects in my own city of Bat Yam. This was an unforgettable journey, and I will definitely be back for more!

Olga K

New Ulpan and Games Evenings

October- November 2018 - Haifa

Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli welcomed new Ulpan students, Masa participants and other new members to its activities with informal games evenings and icebreakers in October and November! Over 40 people attended each event, learned about our community, enjoyed good food and met many new friends!

Lidia S.

White Nights in Jerusalem! Limmud Hoshana Raba

September 29-30, 2018

It is 4 a.m. and the Beit Midrash is abuzz with talk of Sukkot, Jerusalem, and Jewish heroism, all in the Russian language. Continuing a six-year tradition, Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli organized its annual all-night Hoshana Raba study festival for Russian-speaking Israelis in their 20’s and 30’s, in collaboration with the Midrasha HaTzionit, and supported by Genesis Philanthropy Group and the Jerusalem Municipality. Many young participants of FSU Masa had their first taste of Jewish learning and celebration, and joined over 80 young Russian-speaking olim for parallel lectures and workshops, a Jewish music session and dawn hike to the Old City, all on the topic of Jewish Leadership and Inspiration.

Anatoly, a young lawyer from the Russian city of Dolgoprudny, who arrived in Israel 2 weeks ago on Masa: “I think the most mind-blowing experience for me and other young people from post-Soviet countries was learning about the mind-revolution that the Torah created for the Jewish people and the entire world. It transitioned the ancient mind to true modernity with its eternal values for humanity. I don’t see historical narratives as linear and meaningless anymore, but as directed by a Creator who moves history forward. My Jewish identity is now based on learning about the past in order to impact our future. I want to thank the people who made possible this wonderful night of excitement and learning!”

Thank you to Midreshet Lindenbaum for donating its premises for this meaningful evening of Jewish enlightenment, unity, and ingathering.

Pre-Shavuot Workshop

May 14, 2018 - Beersheva

We listened to a wonderful talk about Shavuot with excellent lecturer Boris Kaminsky and learned a tremendous amount about the origins and traditions of this important holiday.  We enjoyed meeting new friends and eating delicious dairy foods.  I am new to Israel and truly appreciate these opportunities. Thank you!

Ira B.

Excursion to Petach Tikva

March 9, 2018

Petah Tikva is a big city in the center of Israel with a fascinating history.  We organized an excursion with one of the best guides -Zeev Volk.  Over forty young olim explored the major historical sites of Petach Tikva,  learned the origins of the city's name, and visited the recently restored first synagogue, the houses of the first settlers and the local market. Zeev kept us captivated for 4 hours with stories and facts about this city where many of us work, and now know so much more about.

Leonid Gimborg

Tu B'Shvat Seder

January 25, 2018

It's nice that when we come to a new country, we have the opportunity to understand it from the inside and participate in its life, and not to watch everything from the outside.

One of the best ways to do this is to study local traditions and holidays. After all, even the Jews who celebrate Tu B’Shvat outside of Israel, for sure, do it differently, in their own way. For example, Linda, who made aliyah from America, described awaiting a parcel with dried fruits from Eretz Yisrael to feel the real taste of the holiday.  Boris Haminsky gave us a chance to learn the history and reasons for the holiday, eat traditional local treats in warm company, and listen to Israeli music.  This holiday was the first time for me! Thanks to everyone who created it and participated!

Galya G.

ArtZehut Drawing Workshop & Volunteer event

November 12, 2017 - Haifa

We painted cotton bags in batik style. It was very exciting. Volunteers helped the people with mental disabilities create and paint beautiful bags.

The atmosphere was wonderful and our participants really gave but also enjoyed themselves a lot.

Lidia S.

Rosh Hashana Workshop

October 19, 2017 - Haifa

Great evening all about Rosh Hashana! Kostya was excellent – he shared many ideas about the meaning of the holiday, building clear plans for our futures (also as a community) and understanding really what we want in life. We drank wine, ate apples and honey, blew the Shofar and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Shana Tova!!

Lidia S.

Meeting with National Police Spokesman

March 16, 2017 - Tel Aviv

We held an interesting professional empowerment evening with Michael Zingerman, the official spokesperson of the Israeli Police Force. Michael is a well-known Russian-speaking personality who knows the whole political echelon. He spoke about he different branches of the police, recruitment, and topics that are studied in the Israeli Police Academy. He also discussed the most appropriate personality to become a police officer, salaries, employment conditions, and becoming a police volunteer. He answered many questions of participants and everyone really enjoyed this meeting.

Leonid G.

Purim Visits to Survivors and Veteran

March 12-13, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Our volunteers took care to share the Purim joy by bringing Mishlochei Manot (Purim food packages) and spending time with our dear Russian-speaking Survivors and WWII Veterans in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa.  One of our most moving visits was to Semyen, a 90 year old Veteran with no family in Israel who has an untreatable illness and is much weaker than when we last saw him.  He was so grateful for the visit which truly cheered him up – shared his albums, talked about his days as an outstanding athlete! Our volunteers plan to rotate visiting him to make sure he has company every week.

Operation Light Up! Chanuka 2016

Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa

The thrill of giving, of seeing sweet old faces light up at the sight of caring  young people, bearing food and gifts and the desire to spend time with them and dispel their loneliness.   Over 200 Russian-speaking elderly Holocaust survivors in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa received the most uplifting visits from our volunteers on Chanuka!  Tables brimming with good food and gifts, candlelightings in many one- room apartments, precious time spent with loving individuals with so much to share. Everyone left with a story. 

It was all made possible by the monies raised in Operation Light Up! Campaign – over half from our own olim members.  Nothing speaks louder to me about their goodness and commitment to brightening other people’s lives.  Thank you to everyone who gave and participated in this tremendous mitzvah, whose impact we are still feeling weeks later.

More Light Up! photos:

Team Building Games Night

September 22, 2016 - Tel Aviv

Pavel organized another successful evening for us of intellectual and table games, with everyone alternating tables to meet new friends. Our Tel Aviv members say they look forward to these games nights, to relax and be with great people from Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli after their long days of work.

Leonid G.

Team Building Games Evenings

June 30th, August 11th and 25th, Haifa and Tel Aviv

We played many different games, laughed and used our imaginations. It was great meeting over 30 new people in such a pleasant atmosphere.  Thank you Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli – you have brightened my boring existence!! Your activities are always so engaging!!

Katya M.

"Painting the White City" Master Class

June 2 and June 23, 2016, Tel Aviv

At the initiative of one of our members, we invited a famous professional new oleh artist, Alexander Mozlenov, to teach us how to draw scenes of Tel Aviv and take more notice of the small details and intriguing objects and views that we pass by every day. During both classes, we learned a specific style of drawing during the course of 2 hours and the results were impressive!

Many thanks to Tory, our volunteer organizer. Many of the participants hope to continue to paint Israel through these wonderful workshops.

Leonid G.

International Purimshpiel Festival

March 25 -27, 2016 - Vitebsk, Belarus

This year I was privileged to participate in the International Purimshpiel Festival in Vitebsk, as a representative of Israel and Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli. The experience began four months before when we started workshops and training with our amazing director, Leon Moroz, in the Beit Cherna Community Center, Jaffa. Through many rehearsals, we were able to produce a most impressive play, which connected Megillat Esther, modern theater, ancient Jewish melodies and contemporary music. For instance the show opened with the beautiful Shabbat melody, Shalom Aleichem. We overcame many budgetary, social and artistic challenges and finally arrived in Belarus and met many new Jewish friends from across the FSU. We visited historical Jewish sites such as the Marc Chagall house and participated in a memorial ceremony to the victims of the Holocaust. We laughed and we cried and were so moved, and now that we did not win first place, we must go back next year!

Liza L.


January 12, 2016 - Tel Aviv

In the Tel Aviv Olim Hub (in collaboration with the Tel Aviv Municipality), Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli organized a fascinating meeting with the Director of the Jabotinsky Institute, Adv. Ariel Bulshtein on the subject of Syria – history, people and current events. We learned about the Syrian military, the involvement of Russia, and other recent developments affecting Israel. It was an interactive, informative and even entertaining lecture!

 Natalya R. 

Operation Light Up! with Veterans and Survivors

December 13, 2015 - Jerusalem

On the last night of Chanuka, for the fourth year in a row, scores of young volunteers from Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli brought warmth and light into the homes of isolated Russian-speaking Holocaust Survivors and  WWII Veterans in the Jerusalem area. After contacting every elderly Survivor by phone, our members  packed gift bags of nourishing and festive foods and then visited them in their apartments. They lit candles with them and  and spent a long time afterwards, listening to their stories.


Here is a short movie produced by one of our members:


This project is special for so many reasons - the Survivors and Veterans are mostly over age 90 now and cherish the opportunity to tell their life stories, in Russian, to our members, themselves new olim, who left their own grandparents behind in the FSU. We also involved Masa participants in the project – students from the FSU most of whom will make aliya at the end of their program.  As in previous years, our volunteers help raised the funds through our annual “Operation Light Up!” campaign  - thank you for your many generous private contributions!! 

To quote one of many of the responses of the volunteers afterwards: “This night was more moving for me than for the Veterans we visited. I really felt I was talking to modern-day Jewish heroes on Chanuka, even though they were very appreciative and humble. They are a dwindling population and we must do everything to show our respect and pass on their stories.”  

Israeli Film Night

November 11, 2015 - Haifa

We all gathered for a movie and popcorn, just like at home but with many old and new friends. This movie was about Indian Jewish families who moved to Israel in the 1960’s and are settled in the middle of the Negev desert with a community of Moroccan Jews. It was all about culture clash and we had a lot to talk about among ourselves at the end of the film. These are great evenings where everyone can talk about what’s on their minds and I hope we have more of them.

Lidia S.

Friday Hike

October 23, Kibbutz Yagur

Our Haifa group enjoyed another great Friday hike with old and new friends – some who have just moved to Israel. The route took us through the picturesque slopes of Mount Carmel to the nature reserve Ashdot Yagur. We went down the dry riverbed of the town Isfiya to Kibbutz Yagur, climbing a lot and getting to know one another. These hikes are the best way to get in the mood for Shabbat!

Sergei L.

Rosh Hashana Workshop and Opening of Tel Aviv Branch

September 10, 2015, Tel Aviv

This Rosh Hashana event was also the inauguration of the Tel Aviv Branch of Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli, in collaboration with the Tel Aviv municipality.

We began with a traditional Rosh Hashana Seder, with all the participants tasting apples and honey, dates, pomegranates and other symbolic foods connected to blessings for a good and sweet coming year! We enjoyed a discussion with David about the meaning and history of the holiday, including the challenges of celebrating it during various periods in the Diaspora. We also shared with each other our visions of the holiday and left feeling more informed and inspired by David's insights into Rosh Hashanah, hoping to apply them in practice and to share them with others. We are grateful to Lana Eisenstadt and the Tel Aviv Municpality, who helped our dream become reality, hopefully to the benefit of thousands of young Russian-speaking olim who live in the area!

Leonid G.

Friday Hike in Little Switzerland Park, Haifa

July 10, 2015

Our beloved local guide Alex led this hike which was not easy, but the beautiful views from atop the Carmel Mountains were good compensation for the climbing! We made several stops to hear about the area and at the end of the hike, drank tea and played acquaintance games to get to know one another better. We like this tradition of Friday hikes in Haifa – we get to meet new people and they are a great workout before Shabbat!

Katya L.

Friday-Shabbat Seminar 33

June 26-27, Tiberias

This was my first event with Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli and I did not know what to expect. I really liked our guide, Alex, who was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We were over 50 people and all so different – but what a great atmosphere. Our Friday water hike in Nachal Zaki was fun and challenging, but everyone helped each other out Our hotel was also an amazing place - about the life of Dona Gracia. She helped many Jews who were exiled from Spain and Portugal and also helped rebuild Tiberias, resettling many Jews there. The lectures about water throughout Shabbat were interesting – we had many experts from our group who talked about water usage, technology, and purification in Israel today, how our media influences public opinion about water, and water as a metaphor in Jewish sources and in Parshat HaShavua (Miriam’s well, how many problems in our history revolved around water!) Our walk to the sea and around Tiberias on Shabbat was great too. Thank you to all the organizers for this excellent seminar. I am really looking forward to the next one!

Anton M.

Friday Hike in Tirat HaCarmel

April 17, 2015 - Haifa

I have been a Facebook member of Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli for a while now but was never able to participate in any of the events. I finally made it to the hike last Friday and it was simply amazing. I only regretted afterwards that I missed so many previous activities of your organization! The weather, the location and the warm energy among the participants were all wonderful. We started the hike in Tirat Carmel, left the borders of the city via a beautiful path that brought us to the Carmel Nature Reserve. We climbed to the Oranit cave and took many gorgeous pictures. The brave ones among us climbed to the top of the mountain, but most of us just relaxed among the shady trees and inhaled the cool air and rich smells of Spring. On the way down, our excellent guide, Michael, told us about the Shabbat Eruv which we could see around the city of Haifa. We then played a name game and icebreakers next to a beautiful spring of water where we stopped for lunch. I look forward to hiking with you all again soon!

Anna K.

Project Argaman

March 12 and 26, 2015 - Beit Avichai, Jerusalem

We had two more exciting meetings of the Argaman Jewish Israeli Culture Project:

On Thursday, March 12th, we visited the National Theatre Archives at Hebrew University, led by famed playwright and actor Boris Yentin. Boris introduced us to  philosophies behind Jewish scriptwriting and performance,  while showing them rare Jewish sources, books and scripts that have been preserved for decades in the archives. He spoke about the first Jewish theatre companies in Israel, including the Habima, who dealt with the problem of the dirth of plays in the Hebrew language by translating their own scripts.  The participants were very engaged  and asked many questions...

On March 26th, we were given a fascinating overview of Jewish Israeli film by film researcher and historian Yuval Rivlin, including the first “hasbara” movies from the 1930’s,  moving segments from through the classic Kazablan, through humorous and often poignant movies about immigration in general (“Lul”) and FSU olim in particular (Weizman 10), and recent Israeli Oscar-winning films. We saw how Israeli films that dealt with prevailing rifts in Israeli society over time – Ashkenazim and Sefaradim, New and Veteran olim, Religious and Secular, Jews and Arabs – and how Jewish culture in general in Israel is indeed a potpourri of  immigrant yearnings, impressions,  and experiences.

Dina M.

Volunteerism - Last-minute assistance to 90 year-old Survivor

January 27, 2015

When the government housing company, Amidar, notified 90-year-old Holocaust Survivor Igor that they planned on moving him from his old apartment to a better one, they had no solution regarding how to move his belongings, including his furniture and refrigerator. He has no relatives in Israel and so turned to Lena, one of our volunteers who comes to visit him. I answered the emergency call on the Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli Facebook page and came with other volunteers from the group to help move his things. He told us that he taught literature and history, loved photography (had many boxes of slides). We moved many vinyl LPs, an old chandelier... He was so happy that all these treasures went with him to his new apartment.

Grisha P.

Welcoming the Second Generation!

Mazal Tov to Amuta member Ayelet and Haim Polak on the birth of their baby girl! And Mazal Tov to our one of our first Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli couples, Janna and Alon Karpel, on the birth of their second son, Elishama! Our expanding Shishi Shabbat YIsraeli family should continue to celebrate many smachot together...

Face to face with History

- 29th of November History Lecture, November 26, 2014 - Begin Center, Jerusalem

Last Wednesday, I was extremely lucky to attend a fascinating lecture on the events of "Kaf Tet b'November", the U.N approval of the Partition Plan in 1947, given by a very knowledgeable Professor of History, Alexander Yakobson. During the lecture, which was in Russian, Prof Yakobson provided us with a comprehensive and detailed description of the Kaf Tet b'November events, and I personally gained a great amount of new important factual and historical knowledge about the foundation of the State of Israel.

The meeting was arranged by Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli and is only one example of the many great things that this organization is constantly doing for Russian speaking young adults in Israel. Yasher Koach!"

Adv. Kirill S.

Wedding of Konstantin and Victoria

Hadera - September 11, 2014

This month we were priveleged to celebrate yet another wedding of a Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli couple! Kostya made aliya from St. Petersburg at age 20 on the Sela program, served in the IDF, works in archeology in the City of David and is completely his B.A in business. Vika, an architect, made aliya from Tver (Volga region) with her traditional family from the Caucusus at age 14.They met during one of our particularly romantic trips to the snowy Hermon in 2012. We rented a bus for this happy event, with stops in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and then Hadera. Their Chupah was very moving, orchestrated by an elderly Yemenite rabbi with a wonderful sense of humor and history. We should enjoy many more Smachot together!!

Shabbat Retreat 27

Kfar Etzion, August 29-30

This seminar was an unusual combination of “extreme” and romantic... We started off Friday by putting on climbing gear and maneuvering the ropes course, climbing wall, and 600 meter zipline across a breathtaking (scary!) valley, in Deerland - “Eretz Ayalim,” near Kfar Etzion. We watched a movie about the history of Gush Etzion, sampled cold beer in the local brewery, had lunch in Oz vGaon forest, founded in memory of the three kidnapped boys, and waded through freezing muddy water of the Biyar tunnels which used to bring water to Jerusalem during the time of the Temples. We switched to a different mode for shabbat – had many conversations about love, family and relationships in Judaism. I especially liked the activity run by Georgi and Naomi on Shabbat about male/female stereotypes. We met with a rabbi and his wife who told us about the Tzohar organization, whose rabbis marry couples without charge and in a meaningful way. They also help with the bureaucracy. There are still so many problems for couples who were not born in Israel, and it was good to hear about this.

And Saturday night after Havdala, MK Shuli Mualem-Rafaeli shared the story of her husband – the highest ranking officer among 73 pilots who were killed when two IDF helicopters crashed in 1997 - and her decision to “choose life”, strengthen the families of the victims, remarry and become a Member of Knesset. Surprising story and so inspiring!.

Thanks for another intense wonderful weekend of great people and experiences.

Liza K.

Jewish Philosophy Series

Tuesdays June 10, 17, 24, July 1 – Jerusalem

« I generally like to talk, but in this class with David about Jewish philosophy, I listen more and talk less. In yesterday’s lecture we continued to study the 13 Principles of Faith of Maimonides. We learned why Moshe was unique and and how his prophecy was different from predictions or forecasts we may hear today, how the Oral Law relates to the Sabbath but also to cloning, and how it develops in each generation. If philosophy also reflects historical reality then with good enough examples like David gave, almost every concept is possible to understand. As he said - “A good question is half the answer.” I prefer to listen in these classes and after the second lecture, even started taking notes. I feel bad for those who want to attend these classes but can’t because of work or other reasons»

Valera K

Love and Marriage in Judaism, Sessions 3 and 4

April 24 and May 22, Ramat Gan

Firstly I want to thank the organizers of such evenings! The topic is very important to us, the young members of Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli, because this is the age where important relationships are formed. This week after our facilitator reviewed the content of our previous 2 lectures, she presented 7 different stages in serious relationships – only the last one being true love! The lecture was based on both Judaism and psychology, dealing a lot with the challenges of the "technological age". Conflicts are a natural thing and part of the process – relationship require work and neither side is necessarily to "blame". We spoke again about differences between self-fulfillment among men vs women and the need to be open about our needs. She and Zeev presented sources on the elevated, special status of marriage in Judaism, including a very interesting article about the Jewish wedding and family laws. One of the newest concepts for me from this lecture was "service" – overcoming ego in order to give wholeheartedly to your partner. Also, that overcoming ego is an expression of spirituality. Overall, a very important lecture and I hope that my girlfriend comes with me next time! Thank you!

Grisha K.

This was the fourth and last session about relationships. We talked about conflicts between couples, taking responsibility and building self-confidence in our partners and families. There were about 25 participants and the discussions were very personal and lively. I have learned a lot from all these lectures with Sveta and friends my age and look forward to applying them to my next, hopefully lasting relationship!

Inna C.

Mini-Course, Business Hebrew

Thursdays January 23- February 13, Jerusalem - in collaboration with the Jerusalem Municipality and Beit Kehillot Olim

«In this course, over 20 of us - young Russian-speaking olim with academic backgrounds - learned how to write business letters, correspondence with government offices, resumes, and other important documents in a way that has already boosted my confidence to succeed at these tasks on my own. The course was invaluable because a person who speaks and writes Hebrew on a high level is related to quite differently in both social and professional situations. Even those of us who have finished University still do not speak and write Hebrew on a level competitive with our Israeli peers. The more we deepen and broaden our level of Hebrew, the more we can succeed professionally, appreciate Israeli culture, and contribute to the development of Israeli sociey. I know that Hebrew literature is rich and varied - I want to be able to read it in the original! I hope there will be a continuation of this mini-course.»

Liza L.

Healthcare in Israel - Olim Empowerment

July 29, 2019 - Beersheva

I attended both meetings with the medical consultant Nina and was surprised to learn so much information.  After all, medical procedures are standard in all countries. But here we learned the unique structure of Israel’s medical system, patient rights, insurance features, and interesting nuances that can be learned only from an experienced insider. Such meetings with professionals are invaluable for new olim – thank you!

Veronica P.

Tel Aviv Educational Tours

May 3 & June 27, 2019 - Tel Aviv

On May 3rd participants of Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli vsited the legendary Palmach Museum in North Tel Aviv and learned about the interesting sites, buildings and sculptures of Tel Aviv University and the surrounding area. We enjoyed an interactive tour with full immersion in the history of Palmach, and saw through the eyes of young soldiers the first years of the struggle for the historical homeland of the Jews. Afterwards, guide Gali Benin showed us the unique architecture of the synagogue in Tel Aviv University, the most "green" building in Israel, the nature museum, built in the form of Noah's ark and so on. Later we toured the sculpture park and the new department of ecology building, constructed from only from ecological materials - a real example of the houses of the future.

Florentin is one of the most famous areas of Tel Aviv in the modern world. The area of bars and shops for pet lovers, artists quarters and street graffiti. On June 27, legendary guide and part-time resident of Florentin Zeev Volk showed us hundreds of street wall paintings and learned about their messages and the artists. He showed us hidden and iconic works of street art, and shared the history of the "underground" community of the city area in general, its current development and future directions. For all the participants these 3 hours flew by very quickly.

Leonid G.

Israeli Cinema Night

March 14th, 2019 - Haifa

About 45 of us gathered to watch short Israeli films that participated in international festivals,  with subtitles - which helped us learn about Israeli culture and improve our Hebrew!

The actress Asya who lives in Haifa and appeared in one of the movies explained how one of the films was shot and about being an actress in Israel.

What an interesting evening and thank you for organizing it! 

Igor S.

Life Guides in the Pub

February 27, 2019 - Haifa

Two speakers shared their thoughts and expertise on topics that affect us all. The first subject was how the media affects people and how we can protect ourselves and be smart media consumers. The second topic was about religion and spirituality and it’s impact on our lives with Igal.

It was a small group because of the pouring rain, but it was still very nice:!

Lidia S.

Israeli Cinema Night

January 13, 2018 Beersheva

Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience this very humorous, lively and interesting film. I learned about Israeli culture, the Israeli army, and also practiced my Hebrew!

Raya T.

Tour of Jaffa and Ilana Gur Museum

December 28, 2018 - Jaffa (from Beersheva)

I want to say a big thank you to Shishi Shabbat Israeli Beersheva and Tel Aviv for a wonderful and unusual journey through old Jaffa with super guide Zeev Wolf. We roamed the streets of Jaffa beginning from the Clock Tower, walked along the embankment and climbed the hill to the Gates of Faith - a four-meter arch in the Art Nouveau style, with several scenes from Jewish history: the sacrifice of Isaac, the capture of Jericho, the conquest of Israel and the dream of Abraham. We plunged into archeology, talked about the importance Palestine to Napoleon. But the best part was visiting one of the most interesting museums - the Ilana Gur Museum. We were met by charming Ksenia, who led us through the museum and show us the works of Ilana Gur, as well as many famous Israeli and international artists. We saw installations, antique furniture and much more. And the museum is located in a historic building of the 18th century, which was once the first inn in Jaffa for Jewish pilgrims who arrived in the Holy Land.

Yana C.

Friday Shabbat Retreat #60!

November 16-17, 2018 - Shlomi

Participating in the Shishi Shabbat Israeli’s 60th Seminar in November in the Northern Galilee with a big group of Olim from post- Soviet countries was an enriching and eye-opening experience for me. On the one hand I regarded myself as one of them, and on the other hand, I felt less connected to them because of my path through Europe (Germany) to get to Israel. This led me to have fewer expectations before the event, and while I was curious, I had no idea what awaited me.

During the seminar, I was amazed to see that after decades of Jewish emigration from Russia, today a new generation of young Russian-speaking Jews has a framework to learn and share their background, experiences and emotions with other very diverse Jewish Russian-speakers. Through an eclectic program of both modern-intellectual topics such as Media and Journalism and spiritual content, this seminar helped me discover how different are participants’ perspectives and points of view based on the environments we grew up in and the paths we followed. On the other hand, it was amazing to create and experience a Shabbat atmosphere with this group, sing during Kabbalat Shabbat, listen to a spontaneous Dvar Torah, play games together and getting to know one another during Oneg Shabbat, and debate about conflicts in Parshat HaShavua. My conclusion is: No matter what our connection to Judaism may be or which path brought us to Israel - be it cultural, spiritual/ religious, Zionistic or whatever – we now have a common basis to begin developing something exciting and authentic together!

Tehila D.

Rosh Hashana Celebration & Quiz

September 5, 2018 - Jerusalem

A week before Rosh HaShana, we gathered a lively crowd of Russian-speaking olim in their 20’s and 30’s in a downtown pub in Jerusalem to celebrate the upcoming holidays.  The evening began with informal blessings and ideas connected to Rosh Hashana from our facilitators, eating honey and apples and drinking L’Chaim to the New Year 5779.  Then everyone enjoyed a professional competitive quiz game on the Jewish holidays and general intellectual trivia, complete with electronic quiz screen, clever props and prizes for the winning teams. These holiday celebrations are so important to Olim who generally have no close family in Israel but want to share the spirit of the holidays.  During this event, we asked who was interested in home hospitality for Rosh Hashana and arranged this for interested participants.

Milk and Wine Shavuot Party

May 17, 2018 - Haifa

This was a very good event, attended by 80 people. Igor facilitated an exciting game competition on the topic of Shavuot which covered the historical and agricultural aspects of the holiday and many of its traditions. Everyone said they learned a lot and met many new people as they had to work in unfamiliar teams. The winners received prizes. We made milkshakes and drank wine and beer and ate cheese. It was wonderful!

Lidia Shtelmach

Pre-Pesach Master class in Young Olim Center

March 27, 2018 - Tel Aviv

Professional artist Alexander began this class by describing how Pesach is the holiday of simplicity, symbolized by matza which is not allowed to rise, and new beginnings, when we were a new People coming out of Egypt, during the season when nature is awakening -  the holiday of Spring.

He challenged us to create drawings on themes of Pesach but only with the simples tools - pencil and paper.  Over the course of three hours, we created our own works and then did a l’chaim with matza and grape juice in honor of Passover.

Leonid Gimborg

Games Evening

February 1, 2018

More than 50 people came for this excellent evening of table and intellectual games.  Many were new participants who were excited to find young people like them in Haifa. Everyone met new and old friends and had a great time.  They asked to hold these evenings even more often.

Thank you to Chabad House for their hospitality.

Lidia S.

Tel Aviv by Cellphone- Photography Workshop

November 29, 2017 - Tel Aviv

In this 3-hour workshop, our participants learned all the different options of cellphone cameras, how to compensate for their weaknesses, and how to control the camera to receive the best results.   We then went outside and took pictures of Tel Aviv and reviewed the results with our lecturer.

Leonid G.

Jewish Family Psychology Workshop4

September 13, 2017 - Haifa

The psychologist Leah continued her excellent discussions on men and women – dreams and reality – and the notion of family in Judaism. The participants said how important these workshops are for clarifying important problems in their lives – singles and couples!

Lidia S.

JGalaxy Series with Hebrew University

March 22, 2017 - Jerusalem

Our last lecture in the JGalaxy Series with Hebrew University on Classics of Jewish Literature was presented by Dr. Zoya Kopelman on the works of Shai Agnon. Thanks to Zoya for a very interesting and rich evening, with her intriguing stories that made us love Shai Agnon as much as she does! I learned so many new things about his writings and life, including his clever word play and use of sources and Biblical symbols that infuse all of his stories. I enjoyed not only the lecture but Zoya's superb Russian language! Thanks to Ilya for helping organize this!

Ora Shapiro

Purim Celebration

March 12, 2017, Jerusalem

About 250 new and veteran olim celebrated Purim with us in Jerusalem this year, in full clever costumes and great spirits.  Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli collaborated with Nefesh b’NEfesh Lone Soldiers and the Absorption Authority of the Jerusalem Municipality to make it a memorable evening, including traditional raucous Megilla reading, professional make-up artist, contests and activities, food, drink and dancing until the wee hours. With thanks to all the volunteer organizers who made it such a success!

Argaman Project, Bustan Sfaradi

December 20, 2016 - Maaleh Adumim

Last night a busload of Argaman participants joined a wonderful musical performance, subsidized by the Ministry of Absorption, of the Habima Theatre Company (Tel-Aviv) – “Bustan Sfaradi”("Sephardic Garden") in the new Cultural Centre of Maaleh Adumim.  This classic musical is about everyday life in the former Sephardic quarter Castel, Jerusalem – love, philosophy, tradition, neighbors, parents and children.   The show, written by Yitzhak Navon, Israel’s fifth president, and directed by Tzedi Tsarfati, has won many  awards.

Liya G.

"A wonderful performance, with atmosphere and good vibes. We left in a great mood. It also taught me something about Sephardic culture, stereotypes and all. And it was my first time in Maale Adumim! Thanks for showing me around

Natasha S.

"When I saw the Facebook preview of this Argaman event I couldn’t believe it.  I tried to get tickets for this a few months ago in the Habima Theater and they cost 300-400 NIS and  were all sold out!  I loved the performance and am very grateful to the Argaman project for this opportunity."

Lia E.

Aloud with Expression

September and October, 2016 - Haifa

On September 15th, our excellent moderator Michael had us read selections from Adam Ehrlich Sachs "Inherited Disorders"
and Franck Pavloff’s "Brown Morning."  These stories caused heated debate about the values that are taught in schools and the power of individuals against the political machine.
The topic was very important for everyone and no one was left indifferent.

On October 25th, we read sections from Efraim Sevela’s “Judgement Day” about Jewish people in New York.  We discussed many philosophical issues, about the book, about our connection to Israel.  The conversation was very lively, with everyone contributing their points of view.  

 Lidia S.

ArtZehut Painting Worskhop

August 18, Jerusalem

This was the first time I drew in many years and it was a most relaxing and informative evening! The artist Alex spoke first about characters and scenes from the First Aliya, and then we tried our hand at drawing them, in a humorous way. He also shared some of the characters that he created for the many children's books that he has illustrated in Russia and Israel.  Thank you for this opportunity to work on my creativity, which I usually do not make time for!.

Maria S

Team-Building Games Night

May 24, 2016 - Tel Aviv

We had a professional games expert run this evening and it was crowded!

He introduced new board games and their rules and also talked about how game logic and strategy can help us in our daily lives.

A fun and interesting night with great company !

Leonid G

Haifa Purim party

March 23, 2016, Haifa

We celebrated Purim with people from the Hadar community, including children and grandparents- and everyone wearing costumes! We heard Megillat Esther, danced to the live music, ate snacks and then our group went outside to do icebreakers and spend good time together. The rabbi said it’s a mitzvah for Jews to be together on Purim – I’m glad that I have new friends in Haifa to do this with!

Pavel S.


January 9, 2016 - Tel Aviv

What an intriguing tour of the new Palmach Museum in North Tel Aviv – everything was multimedia and brought to life the personal stories of heroic Palmach fighters against the British Mandate and the war for Israel’s Independence. We were part of their struggles and their history; we learned about the fallen members of the Palmach. Thanks to Shishi Shabbat for this unique opportunity - I feel lucky to have visited this place!

Maayan B.

Tenth of Tevet Night Tour

December 21, 2015, Jerusalem

Until this tour with Dima,  I never thought much about the significance of the Tenth of Tevet which marks the beginning of  the siege on Jerusalem during Temple times, but is also Kaddish Day for the victims of the Holocaust.  We started at the Menachem Begin Center, which is also the archeological site where First Temple tombs of Priests were discovered in 1979, including silver amulets containing the "Priestly Blessing" - the oldest Biblical texts ever found (from around 700 BCE)!

In Yemin Moshe we saw the aqueduct that brought water to the Temple, learned about the history of the Old City Walls and then visited King David's tomb - the author of the Psalms and whose son built the First Temple! We went to the small Holocaust museum in the Old City and said Kaddish there for European Jewry and the victims of the Holocaust.

Those of us who were not too cold or tired finished this amazing tour at the Kotel, the holy place at the foot of the two Temples.  Thank you Shishi Shabbat YIsraeli for another enriching opportunity to learn about Jewish history with our feet!

Ira R.

Walking Tour of Sarona Neighborhood

November 9, 2015 - Tel Aviv

Our excellent guide Zeev Volk took a large group of new olim and regular members of Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli who I already knew for a fascinating three hour night tour of old and new attractions in Tel Aviv. The Templer settlement of Sarona was founded in 1871 during the Ottoman Empire and is one of the first modern agricultural settlements in Palestine. It became a model for the Jewish pioneers. During WWII many of the Sarona residents sided with Germany. When the State of Israel was founded, some of the buildings in Sarona were turned into Israel’s main defense compound – known as the Kirya today. Thank you for helping us understand the amazing history of our city, Tel Aviv!

Kostya S.

Haifa Workshops - October 2015

Hevron: From the First Jewish Family to Modern Day – October 19, Haifa

We enjoyed a great lecture with R. Daniel Rabkin about Hebron, one of the oldest cities on earth and the first Jewish capital. Thirty-six centuries ago this city’s fate became intertwined with the fate of the Jewish people. Abraham bought the field and the cave of Machpelah (where according to rabbinic legend, Adam and Eve were buried) to bury his wife Sarah and later Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob and Leah.. We also learned about modern history in the city – the discovery of the “double caves” and many mysteries that have not yet been uncovered.

Jewish Coaching Workshop – October 29, Haifa.

Psychologist and Coacher Dan Mirjafarov led a wonderful workshop where we tried to understand ourselves better by looking into the past and seeing if our lives were moving in the right direction, according to each person’s unique role in this world. The participants all wanted these sessions to continue so I hope they will!

Lidia S.

Tu B'Av Night Hike - Nes Harim

July 30, 2015

This was my first hike with Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli –  the people and guide were great, and the weather and full moon were perfect, even romantic!  We hiked in the middle of the night to a Crusader Period fortress on a hill called Beit Itav, which provided a magnificent panorama of Gush Dan, Beit Shemesh and Gush Etzion. Inside a cave, David told us why we celebrate Tu B’Av and read  stories from the Tanach and descriptions from the Talmud of the holiday. We sat down for a big bonfire next to a well nearby – everyone gathered wood, wrapped potatoes and onions, cooked hot dogs and marshmallows, sang and rested in nature until close to dawn, when we hiked back to the bus.   This was a great break from my work schedule and I look forward to more events with this excellent group. Thank you!

Ariel V.

Tu B'Av Night Hike - Nes Harim

Cherry Picking, Herbs and Honey Tour

June 12, 2015, Judean Hills

This tasty trip we traveled to Sde Calev, Carmel and Avigail in the Hebron Hills to rocky desert soil where nothing grows just like that. But we saw incredible agriculture, beginning with huge orchards of cherry trees of ten varieties of tastes and colors – from light yellow to deep burgundy. The owner told us how they planted the first seedlings (brought from the Crimea!) and how they care for the trees, especially during the Shmita year. After stuffing our bellies and bags with cherries, we continued on to the Kedem herbal factory in Carmel, where the desert has inspired the best cosmetics and eco-friendly teas. It turns out that the desert offers numerous varieties of plants with healing properties for many illnesses, wounds and even weight loss! But the sweetest part awaited for us at the end, in Avigail, where we were received very warmly, learned about life in this region and tasted delicious natural honey from Hebron flowers. Overall, the trip was full of pleasant experiences and we await the next one!

Lena T.

Cherry Picking, Herbs and Honey Tour

Victory Day Parade

May 10, 2015 - Jerusalem

70 Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli volunteers

Our members have become close with many Russian-speaking Holocaust Survivors and WWII Veterans, through our Veteran home visitation program and special Operations on Chanuka and Purim. This year we again assisted the Veterans who participated in the Victory Day festivities, sponsored by the Jerusalem Municipality.

Our long-time activist Inna Cherepova represented us again beautifully on Channel 9 television before the Parade:

A summary from another participant:

I was at the Jerusalem Victory Parade today in City Hall. Hundreds of people came to show their support and say thank you. I saw whole classes from schools, parents who brought young children ... The Veterans in the crowd received many hugs and flowers, tears welled up in their eyes and they seemed bewildered and moved by the attention from all the people around.

It seemed that there were more old women veteran, then men. There were young Israeli soldiers who led their Veteran grandfathers by the arm. There were nuns in the procession, Russian-speaking haredim, and Veterans from different cities, even from Eilat .... Passers-by reacted in different ways, some smiled and joined the procession, others didn’t like the road closures. I saw a father explaining to his young daughter in English what she was seeing.

Once all the Veterans found their chairs, everyone stood to sing Hatikvah, and then sat down for the speeches and ceremony. I left for work, with tears in my eyes, and thinking about the many photos of the veterans that I have seen and how few are still alive today. I am glad I was able to talk to some of these living witnesses and say thank you.

Julia U.

Friday Walking Tour

March 27th, 2015, Technion, Haifa

I spent last Friday with Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli Haifa, on a great trip to the Technion. The Technion is considered to be one of the best universities in Israel. It it is situated in the most lovely place – like a small town,  in the big city Haifa. Students have their own restaurants, coffee shops, storesa, barbershop, bank and even synagogue! Each department is situated in separated building. Our guide Misha, an alumnus of the Technion,  told us interesting facts about student life and took us to the forest with lake and fish that is in the middle of the university!   We said there together the blessing for blossoming fruit trees (birkat hailanot) which I never said before.  After this trip, I think it is cool to be a student of the Technion!

Alina L.

Seder Tu B'Shvat

Tuesday February 3, 2015, Jerusalem

Since this was my first experience of a Tu B'Shvat Seder, everything was new. The atmosphere was warm and everyone was focused on the holiday. Refreshments were plentiful - all the most beautiful fruits and nuts of Israel! I never knew about each of these fruits and their symbolism. The man who led the Seder also played clarinet and Israeli songs which was nice. The end was fun, when we made fruit scene creations and met all the people at our table. And then we all cleaned up together. Overall a great evening with diversity, good music and I really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Marianna K.

Dybbuk, Gesher Theatre

Thursday, December 18, 2014

In celebration of 25 years of aliyah from the FSU, the Ministry of Absorption provided Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli with 30 discounted tickets and transportation to see the Dybbuk, based on Isaac Bashevis Singer’s classic story, performed by Gesher Theater company in Tel Aviv. This was by far the most riveting and professional theater performance that we have seen together as a group, and the participants were very grateful for the opportunity to see this play and participate in the festivities.

"Siyur"Slichot" - Pre-Yom Kippur Night Tour

Jerusalem, October 2

Erev Yom Kippur – a special time. Slichot, kapparot – important traditions for the Jewish people. As we saw via the Facebook messages in our group, most members were not familiar with these traditions.  We were very happy that Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli organized an opportunity to explore these mysterious traditions and taste the atmosphere of the “Yamim HaNoraim”.  Along with our excellent guide, Alex Maimon, we ventured into the religious neighborhoods of Jerusalem, participated in the kapparot ceremony (with chickens – we learned it can also be done with money for tzedaka!) and in the end walked to the Kotel. Actually, it was impossible to get to the Kotel because of the huge crowds of people. I never before saw such a gathering of Jews from everywhere who came to pray.  It left me with very strong impressions, something beyond normal time and reality! Someone who wasn’t there won’t understand this.  A sweet New Year to all of Am Yisrael!

Eli B.

I am so grateful to the organizers of the Siyur Slichot before Yom Kippur. I enjoyed every moment of the special atmosphere of Jerusalem at night during the Yam HaNoraim – like no other time of the year! I had the feeling that I met the entire Jewish People on the way to the Kotel that evening – so many different faces! The route that we walked that night was completely unfamiliar to me . I am used to walking down Jaffa Road to the Old City and never considered walking through religious neighborhoods. Our amazing guide, Alex, told us the history of all the houses and yards in these neighborhoods (I remember especially the story of the Lemmel School with the clock with Hebrew letters instead of numbers – like in Prague!) and I feel like I discovered and learned so much in one night. I was not tired at all, even though we finished at 1 a.m. Tours like this fill me with so much spirituality and the feeling that “I am a part” - of our history and our heritage.

Gili S.

Theatre evening - King Solomon's Fears

Monday, August 18th, Jerusalem

This was the fourth and perhaps best production of Mikro Theatre that we have enjoyed as a group together. Mikro is a talented troupe of Russian and Israeli-born actors, whose performances are accompanied by live music and Russian subtitles. Per usual, the actors and director stayed afterwards to discuss the play with the group. “King Solomon’s Fears” is based on a novel by French Jewish author Emile Adjar – about an elderly millionaire’s struggle against death and loneliness, and a love story between a young French woman and a Jewish immigrant during the Nazi conquest of Paris.

Negev Tour

Sde Boker and Avdat, Friday, July 4 2014

«This past Friday I participated in an enriching Negev trip with Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli. We began by visiting David Ben Gurion’s desert home in Sde Boker, preserved for visitors exactly as he left it when he died in 1973. He and his wife Paula moved there in 1953 after he resigned from office, practicing what he preached. It was interesting to see his kitchen, his books and photos (Moses, Abraham Lincoln, Plato, Mahatma Ghandi) – and typed quotes that inspired him – like from the prophet Isaiah about the desert becoming filled one day with water and flowers. There was also an exhibit of all agriculture and innovation that has developed in the Negev since Ben Gurion’s time, but I think most of his dream is still yet to be fulfilled.

After Sde Boker we visited the Avdat National Park, one of the best preserved Nabatean cities in Israel – we climbed through caves, saw water cisterns, a Roman bathhouse and an interesting movie about the Spice Route which the city was built upon. We also hiked in Ein Avdat, a beautiful nature reserve with reservoirs of water even in the summer time. It was a hot day but it was great to be with everyone. Shishi Shabbat YIsraeli really helps olim like me to connect to our “Israeliness” - to the country, to our traditions. The guides are always excellent and give us their all. Thanks for another fantastic day.»

Stanislav G.

Independence Day

May 6th, 2014, Neve Daniel

I was so happy to see in the advertisment for this day that we were going to places I had never been – Ancient Susiya and Hebron. I have traveled many places with Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli but I find every new place we go to exciting and intriquing! How much history can we find in one small piece of earth? We were in Susiya about 2 hours – an archeological site with remnants of living quarters, mikvahs, burial caves and caves for hiding (which we climbed through and enjoyed tremendously), but I loved most of all the big synagogue with the beautiful mosaic. In such places you feel proud to be part of a People that survived so much – and to this day, it is hard to understand this secret – that we are thriving still today!! After Susiya we traveled to the Machpela Cave. It always bothered me that I had never visited there before. Some of my friends say that it is a place only religious people go to but I never felt that way. Yaakov Tavger guided us in Hebron – his family was among the first to move to the area after the Six Day War. His father Ben Tzion was a famous refusenik and physics professor who dedicated many years to restoring the ancient cemetery and Avraham Avinu synagogue in Hebron. Yaakov’s explanations were fascinating because he had experienced these stories first hand! Finally we arrived at the house that excels in welcoming guests – Linda and Ze’ev’s home in Neve Daniel. This was the third Yom HaAtzmaut that I spent at their house, and each time I am amazed by the warm atmosphere! A place that welcomes you without any preconditions. That day left me with such positive energy because how often can one travel to such enriching places and then enjoy barbeque and singing and quiz games with such amazing company. Thank you to all the people who contributed to this amazing Independence Day!

Gili S.

PurIm Day Volunteerism in Shaarei Tzedek Hospital

Monday, March 17

Our late-night Purim festivities did not deter a group of young volunteers from showing up in costume in the lobby of Shaarei Tzedek hospital at 11 a.m. on Purim morning, equipped with guitars and bags of beautiful mishlochei manot. Two of the volunteers, Orit and Tali, prepared and laminated "Happy Purim" Shishi Shabbat YIsraeli key rings and bought crosswords for the adults and Purim coloring pages and markers for the children. We broke into small groups and spread out onto several floors. We asked patients of all ages which songs they enjoyed and we sang and talked with them. We even met a real live Mordechai, from Argentina, who put his elderly wife on speaker on his cellphone so she too, could sing with us from home.

Concert with «Okean Elzi»

Thursday, January 30, Tel Aviv

«On January 30, 2014, one of our favorite Ukrainian rock groups, Okean Elzi, came to Israel. Altogether 65 people from Shishi Shabbat YIsrael spent this concert together - a wonderful, professional show in Hangar 11 in the port of Tel Aviv. It did not matter that we were from so many different countries - Russia, Ukraine, Belorus or Turkmenistan. We sang with them in Ukrainian even if we didnt really understand the words, which most of us knew by heart. Two and half hours of energy and unbeliveble fun!»

Leonid L.

Secret Jerusalem Walking Tour Series

June -July, 2019

Through five different tours with our most beloved guides, our participants explored the history of the Old City including the Tombs of its Kings, the first neighborhoods outside the Walls of Jerusalem in the 19th century,  the buildings and important personalities that created history in Talpiot and Abu Tor, and social trends in Jerusalem’s New City through modern day.

Three Day Seminar 65

May 16-18, Negev and Eilat

I want to thank everyone for this seminar. It was my first time traveling with Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli and I was worried that I would not know people or feel comfortable. But it was the exact opposite! Interesting and warm participants from different places who knew how to welcome “newbies”, great hikes, activities, games and conversations until early morning. Swimming and sleeping under the stars in the desert, great lectures and atmosphere on Shabbat. Now I know I will come back for future excursions. Thank you for the excellent logistics, content, and a wonderful experience!!!

Maria M.

Master Class of Urban Photography

March 8th and 29th, 2019

We had two tours and classes with Anna on urban photography, in the Carmel Mountains and in downtown Haifa in the rain!  Anna  explained how to properly photograph using our cellphones, while Sasha guided us on our tour, sharing the history of the area.  We shot beautiful views of the sea and city from the mountains, and the Old City and ancient buildings in Haifa.  We finished our tours with tea and cookies and everyone was very pleased.

Lidia S.

Israel Cinema Night

February 20, 2019 - Tel Aviv

If you ask people about their associations with Israel, you will most likely be told about the sea, hummus, falafel, the Western Wall, the victory in Eurovision, expensive real estate, the best medicine in the world, ICQ and flash drives ... many things, but not cinema.

This is why our Israeli Film Club with Alex and Vika is so important! This time they reviewed a collection of short films works by Israeli directors on the special theme "Love is everywhere". Before each film they shared background on the director and period. Everyone learned more about Israeli culture, advanced their understanding of Hebrew, and also just relaxed and had a great evening in great company.

Leonid G.

Life Wisdom on the Bar

January 13, 2019 Haifa

For our third meeting of this new project, Marina Kremer spoke on the theme: “Two destinies at one well - Rachel and Elisheva.” Two poetess born on the banks of the Volga and buried on the banks of the Kinneret. Both were among the first to write in Hebrew. We don’t remember the name of one of them because of her fame and the second one, who worked under a pseudonym, is almost forgotten.  One avoided being helped by men, and the other, according to gossip, built a career through them. Two outstanding Jewish women with different destinies, who equally loved sunsets on the Sea of Galilee.

Lidia S.

ArtZehut Volunteer Master Class

December 12, 2018 - Haifa

On December 12th, Ksenia facilitated another beautiful art workshop with our volunteers and mentally-challenged adults.

This project is always wonderful, combining giving to others and relaxing while learning art. Our Olim participants learn art techniques – this time making unique “window” cards with nature designs - while giving of their time to help handicapped adults enjoy creating beautiful art as well.

Lidia S.

Literary and Business Ulpanim

October-November, 2018 - Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv we have been running special 10-week Ulpan Courses for Russian-speaking olim who have already completed their basic ulpan studies, in collaboration with the Olim Absorption Authority of the Tel Aviv Municipality and taught by experienced pedagogue Anna Morein. Our Business Ulpan provides vocabulary and skills to help participants prepare resumes, business letters, understand financial terminology, succeed in interviews and otherwise become more competitive in the Israeli job market. Our Literary Ulpan enriches participants knowledge of Israeli literature and culture and significant raises the level of their conversational and written Hebrew. The response to these Ulpanim in 2018 was excellent and we look forward to continuing them in 2019.

Leonid G.

Friday Shabbat Retreat #58 - for Young Couples!

August 19-20, 2018 - Neve Daniel

Thank you for this magical Shabbat! Almost all of the young couples participating – some married, some engaged-  met through Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli, and it was great to spend a seminar together focused on our personal lives and marriages.  We made homemade grape juice and braided challot, both my first time.  I love baking and next week plan to make my own challot!  Our meals together and with our host families were interesting and wonderful, and I inhaled so much fresh air and beautiful views during our tiyulim with Zeev.  The most useful part of Shabbat I think was the couples communication workshop on Shabbat afternoon.  Our facilitator Yonatan was professional and sensitive, and I learned a lot from him about listening and communicating.

Polina V.

3-Day Lag B'Omer Seminar #55

May 3-5, 2018 - Negev and Eilat

If I was asked what trip from my life I would repeat, it would be this 3-day seminar. It was unequivocal and just WOW :)

Mountains, waterfalls, camels, beckoning desert, songs in Lag B’Omer spirit with guitar and drums around the campfire, baked potatoes and marshmallows, bathing under the stars, a night in the tent and a glorious morning, Yatir Forest – one of the largest and oldest man-made forestsin Israel, a tour of Kibbutz Ketura with its amazing inventions in ecology and agriculture (including Methusela – a palm tree grown from a 2000 year old date pit!), Eilat with its coral reefs, multi-colored fish, and tax-free shopping, Kabbalat Shabbat opposite the Red Sea, new acquaintances, interesting lectures, and family atmosphere in the circle of close friends. Many thanks to the sponsors and organizers – you left us with a sea of smiles and ​​emotions!!

Natalya D.

I just wanted to let you know how overwhelmed I am with positive emotions and impressions, from this last 3 day seminar to the South! The outdoor camping in Chan Derech Ha B’Samim, the enlightening guided tour to Kibbutz Ketura and the authentic lecture about the contribution of the Former Soviet Union Jewish community to the establishment of the state of Israel, were all absolutely fascinating!! The hikes, camping, games and generally fun and relaxing atmosphere of the seminar helped me make many new friends and connections. Moreover, this seminar further deepened my notion of the importance of having a truly restful and meaningful Shabbat!!

Kirill S.

Seder at Home - Pesach lecture in Beit Kehillot

Jerusalem, March 21, 2018

Many of our new olim have begun celebrating holidays with friends at home. We arranged an evening of an explanation of the Haggadah and tips for a meaningful seder with a wonderful lecturer, Boris Khaminsky.  He shared how the Exodus from Egypt is a paradigm of freedom for the world - particularly for Jews from the FSU -, the basis of most of our holidays, and the first month of the Jewish year.  Every participant received their own Haggadah and took part in a model seder led by Boris, including many interesting explanations and ways to personalize the seder with their own life experiences.