30.06.2020 - Online


Zeev Volk is a tour guide to Israel, Ukraine, and New York, specializing in Jewish history of the 19th and 20th Centuries, modern art and architecture, and the history of Tel Aviv. We spent this calm and beautiful evening walking along the sea, and the Old City center while Zeev told us about the founding of Tel Aviv, why it was planned and built as we know it today and what influenced the architecture. He spoke about different people who changed the history of our country.

Such a great feeling to walk around the city you know and learn new things! Tel Aviv city seems so small, but it’s full of secret stories! Thank you, Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli, for showing our history from different angles. I always have a great time with you!
Sofia M.
30.06.2020 - Haifa and North Region


We started a new series of weekly Conversational Ulpan classes with Olga Klein. Two groups of ten meet once a week in Haifa and discuss current events and topics of interest to the participants as a way to improve their spoken Hebrew skills. The meetings are very lively and everyone enjoys spending time with each other shaping up their Hebrew!
Lidia S.
29.06.2020 - Online

Mashiach…Mashiach... Mashiach

As usual with Dima, it was a fantastic webinar! He shared with us the sources that speak about Mashiach, his lineage and qualities, his responsibilities and different views on what our redeemed world will look like. I so appreciate the online format, especially during these difficult days that we spend mostly at home. Hope you will organize more online lectures about Judaism, and I will attend again with great pleasure!

Masha B.

28.06.2020 - Online


This master class was leading by a painter and art teacher from Moscow - Alexandra Kardashina. We learned online complex and simple sketching techniques and how to create personal diaries and thematic sketchbooks, how to express our thoughts creatively, and save memories of significant events via art.

Lidia S.

26.06.2020 - Haifa and North Region


Summer! The best time for camping, and together with two tour guides, Michael Rudnitskiy and Michael Duhovny, we escaped the city to explore Jewish antiquities in the Golan Heights.

We spent the night in tents in a wonderful place near Ein Fik with a panoramic view of the Kinneret and Galilee mountains. We hiked to the ruins of ancient synagogue Dir Aziz and the Jewish village Dvor and bathed in a natural spring. It was a fabulous trip full of joy and learning, singing with the guitar, and incredible views!
Lidia S.
24.06.2020 - Online


Anna Shteingart spoke to us about the past and current status of women's rights in Israel - why do we need feminism in the 21st century? We spoke about the goals women fought for throughout history, how women's status has changed in Israeli society, and ways to overcome salary inequality between men and women. We discussed secular and religious viewpoints on women's rights and learned about the first women rights activists in the holy land. 
Leonid G.

23.06.2020 - Online


Philologist, historian and professional guide Vlad Telman, shared with us his personal story. He lives in this terra incognita, where some Israelis live and where other Israelis seldom go. These places are our past, but Israel has never stated clearly that it is our future. During the lecture, Vlad shared with us the historical meaning and beauty of these places and his thoughts and connection to the sites he calls home.

It's always more impressive to hear a personal story than from a newspaper or TV. During the lecture, I realized that I haven't really puzzled out this vital aspect of Israeli politics well enough and want to investigate more.
Leonid F.
21.06.2020 - Online


We again held a drawing master class with professional painter Ksenia Revzin. During the webinar, she taught us how to draw City silhouettes and their residents. We learned about pen and pencil drawing techniques and the secrets of using black and white as well as how to use shadow and light for sketches.
Leonid G.

20.06.2020 - Online


After 3 months of enforced Coronavirus break, we traveled North with two busloads of young Russian-speaking Olim - more than half completely new participants, and the rest, grateful for the reunion and opportunity to continue exploring Israel and learning together! 
After a day of hiking and ice-breakers, we enjoyed a musical Kabbalat Shabbat, stimulating competitive game (Minister of Ministers), discussions and beit midrash connected to Parshat Korach and the approach to multiple opinions in Jewish tradition, Shabbat meals, networking, and relaxation!

“I have been in israel for four years and this is first time that I spent a weekend with other Olim who speak my language and made me feel so at home! I loved the tiyul on Friday and Eliezer’s sessions were amazing! Thank you so much for this seminar!
Michael Z.
19.06.2020 - Online


Gallery Tour in South Tel-Aviv with Sasha Levina
June 19th, 2020 - Tel Aviv and Central Region

On June 19th, art guide Sasha Levina took us to 4 amazing galleries located in the Kiryat haMelacha industrial zone and Herzl Stree in South Tel Avivt: Art Space Tel Aviv, Maya Gallery, Rozenfeld Gallery, and the studio of Rotem Reshef and Martha Rieger.

In each gallery, these artists shared their paths to the Israeli art scene, the ideas behind their art and the personal family histories and national events that shaped their work.

“ I would never know about the existence of these beautiful galleries and for sure would never had met these artists without the Argaman Project. The tours led by our super professional guide Sasha change my point of view of Israeli art and culture every time!”
Sveta K.

Florentin Street Art With Zeev Volk
June 11th, 2020 - Tel Aviv and Central Region

Zeev led us through the Florentin District, and explained how, through gentrification, it is becoming a place for young people and families. We focused on the difference between the graffiti and street art: Graffiti is an inscription that "I was here," and Street Art is a dialogue with the inhabitants of the city, including the artist's awareness that his/her art is short-lived. We discussed specific examples of the dialogues between artists, for example, between Banksy on the streets of Florentine and other artists.

The most important theme was how street artists draw parallels between Jewish history and modern reality.

“The bright paintings on the wall were not only great backgrounds for my Instagram pictures, but turned out to be full of meaning, reflecting social and cultural trends and, even drawing parallels between biblical stories and modern Jewish identity! Thank you very much for this fascinating tour!”
Sasha F.