31.01.2020 - Tel Aviv and Central Region

Argaman Cultural Project

Our Guide Zeev took us on a wonderful tour of modern Israeli art, that mostly all is rooted in the social and cultural history of the country, in Judaism and Jewish traditions. Paintings that said nothing to me before Ze’ev’s explanations became so alive and meaningful!

Alena P.

31.01.2020 - Haifa and North Region

Excursion to Ben Gurion house

In central Tel Aviv there is a small, inconspicuous two-floor house, which you can easily walk past on Ben Gurion Boulevard and not notice. This house holds the history of one of the main builders of Israel, David Ben-Gurion.

29.01.2020 - Haifa and North Region

Games Evening in the Pub

During the cold January weather, we relaxed with old and new friends during a fun evening of team building table games. Very nice atmosphere.

Lidia S.

28.01.2020 - Beer-Sheva and South Region

Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony

January 27, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, is dedicated to the memory of six million Jews who died during the Second World War. In our Absorption Center, Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli and the municipality organized a special evening where I was honored to read Kaddish and light 6 candles. After that, we heard an interesting lecture on the history, causes and modern understanding of the Holocaust. This lecture ended with quotes from Anne Frank's diary as a symbol of the resilience of the Jewish people in difficult times. #W e remember.

Arseni U.

22.01.2020 - Haifa and North Region

What an Inspiring Person!

During this meeting, world traveler Kiril Arkhangelsky shared his experience of biking half the world, and going with his mom on one of his trips! His cycle tours included: Europe - 12730 km, Iceland - 1025 km, Israel - 430 km. He continues to work and write as an Internet Entrepeneur and had many tips and advice for our participants.

Lidia S.

20.01.2020 - Haifa and North Region

Kabbalat Shabbat and Challah Baking

We were so impressed with our acquaintance with Linda, and it was nice to hear her and practice new songs. We learned many new things about traditions and about Israel. There was a wonderful friendly atmosphere, and what a new, great experience preparing challah!. I want to express all of our gratitude for the new knowledge and emotions.

Olga L.

19.01.2020 - Haifa and North Region

ArtZehut Volunteer Project

We love the atmosphere of these volunteer projects with the mentally challenged. It lets us be creative, meet new friends, and help one another. This time we created underwater Eilat scenes. Art Therapy and volunteering is very cool. A big thank you to the organizers!

Roman Hotyanov

17.01.2020 - Tel Aviv and Central Region

Excursion to the Weizmann Institute

We had an excellent tour of one of the most famous science institutions in Israel, the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, by our guide Yuri Soloviev, a connoisseur of the institute. For most of our olim participants it was their first time there. Over four hours, we learned the history of the institute and its departments, the architecture of the unique buildings, the monuments, and the house of the first president of Israel, Haim Weizman, where he lived until his death. We also examined the first Israeli computer, special feathered inhabitants of this area, and unique trees, specially planted from around the world. Finally, everyone took a picture with the famous tree from the book "Lukomorye and the Cat Scientist".

Leonid G.

31.12.2019 - Multiregional

Operation Light Up! with WWII Survivors and Veterans

THANK YOU to all of you who contributed to the 8th year of our moving and memorable Light Up! volunteer project on Chanuka!!

Over 140 Olim volunteers visited the apartments of our dear isolated WWII Survivors and Veterans, lit Chanukiot, brought nourishing and festive gift packages and created beautiful, musical celebrations in several Veteran clubs during Chanuka week. The elderly shared their stories and cups of hot tea with the volunteers and created magical, light-filled for all the participants, young and old. Here is a short musical clip from one of the Light-Up projects in Jerusalem:

31.12.2019 - Haifa and North Region

Meeting with Mayor of Beersheva

On December 31, some of the participants in our Israeli literature course with Ben Gurion University had a meeting with Ruvik Danilovich, the Mayor of Beersheva! We discussed the importance of Israeli literature, how interesting it to read and learn the history and traditions of our people, which helps us integrate into multifaceted Israeli culture.

Yana S.